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Donkey Kong Stop Motion

Anyone from the NES era of cartridge games will know the pain of one not working, and even further heartache when the near foolproof “blow the dust out” approach still renders it unusable.

Self-confessed “geek video” creator GuizDP has used this downtime to create a hugely creative stop motion of the very game that frustrates him, the classic Donkey Kong.

The detail is incredible, from the music and sound effects to replicating how to complete each level for maximum points.  Bravo!

I also love the fact that he has created each element out of Perler Beads which, in themselves, probably took up as much of my childhood as Nintendo did!  I can’t even imagine how many thousands of beads each variation of DK and Mario took.  Fantastic stuff.

If you enjoyed that the GuizDP channel is definitely worth subscribing.

01 April 2012

Another year, another April Fools’ Day.  Following on from last year‘s superb efforts, today saw some wildly creative “fools” that caught a lot of people out on this Sunday morning.

From the more outrageous, with Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Volcanic and Jake Humphrey suggesting David Coulthard was returning to racing in Formula 1, to the slightly suspicious Shaun Ryder being asked to advise David Cameron on class, here is a brief overview of my favourites.

Google Maps
A new 8-bit version of Google Maps for the “long neglected” Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

Fantastic stuff, right down to the detail of the Street View character, and the “Quest” option for planning your journeys.

Love the sound effects and classic “cleaning” technique for those of familiar with cartridge-based games consoles to “blow on the cartridge to fix bugs”.

Gmail Tap
The official Google Blog introduced us to the idea of Gmail Tap, a two-key typing interface called to replace the typical 26-key QWERTY keyboard.

New features promise the future of writing emails on the go – tap without looking at your screen, and even multitask to double your productivity by typing two emails at once!

You can even, ahem, download the app here.

This morning’s blog post read:

Loved a video so much that liking it, favoriting it, sharing it and even subscribing to the channel wasn’t enough? Just had to hold it in your grasp and never ever let it go?

A tantalising prospect I’m sure you’ll agree, and so the The YouTube Collection is born.  Available for you in a new “holdable” version: DVD.

Love the feedback and thumbs up options with this!

IKEA even chipped in their wonderful effort with a product recall notice on their “erroneous” left-handed allen keys.

Bring on next year!

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