Geek Catalogue

After realising that my favourites folder was bursting at the seams and brimming with wonderful images I come across but never seem to use, or do anything with, I began to think how could I better catalgoue them?

The (Inspirational) Geek Catalogue of course!

Having seen such folk as Fullbeard do it with “Fullbeard Likes“, I’ve taken the plunge and started a new spin-off blog of inspirational and creative images, a more effective method of keeping track of the things I find.  A visual list rather than keeping them tucked away under a favourites menu and forgetting about them.  Generally it’s things that don’t tend to warrant a full post on my main blog here, but deserve more than a quick ‘of the moment’ mention on Twitter before they are then lost forever.  My own personal version of Ffffound if you will.  Enjoy.


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