Designs Of The Year

The recent Designs Of The Year winners have been announced and all are worthy adversaries of the title and accolade. Huge congratulations to them all.

Given my product design background one particular stand out for me was the Folding Plug. It’s had all kinds of media coverage of late, deservedly so, and if you haven’t managed to see it yet (quite frankly you must’ve been under a rock so you may not even be reading this, but anyway) you can read more about it here, and see a video on just how it works here.

So simple yet such a brilliantly well executed (as the best of them are) idea.

Jealous, yes. Now that’s good design.

Another extremely noteworthy winner in my view is the EyeWriter. A really excellent example of an open and collaborative research project that has brought together different design based disciplines to produce something marvellous.

It is “a low-cost eye-tracking apparatus & custom software that allows graffiti writers and artists with paralysis resulting from Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis to draw using only their eyes.”

There’s also a wicked Vimeo clip of it in use on their site, but this being WordPress I still haven’t really worked out how to embed it.

But why stop there, I bet many other users, including say quadraplegics, could also use it to execute their creative flow. On that note I will just hint at something a small group, of which I’m a part, are considering at the moment – developing a certain games console controller for use by quadraplegic users. Minimal to no use of your arms and hands? That shouldn’t stop you being able to play Guitar Hero (but that’ll be another post altogether when more details are confirmed).


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