Nice One, Nestle

Easter brings about a world of over-indulging, and an inevitable excess of food wrappers and packaging.

Around Easter Sunday discarded egg packages mount up next to the armchair, only to end up in the bin hours later. Yes, card can often be recycled, but the plastic less so, and the whole combined package even less than that.

Nestle have stepped up their game this year. Good design should design for the whole of the product life. Not just manufacture and use, but right through to re-use, recycling, and disposal. Good design is responsible design.

One less material used in packaging not only saves them money in the manufacturing phase (probably), but allows for improving the user experience (visually I felt it was much more appealing), and is much much easier to dispose of. No plastic, easier to recycle. No debating or guessing whether this particular kind of plastic can or can’t be recycled (does the average Easter egg consumer know the difference between thermoforming and thermosetting plastics?), the whole lot just squashes flat and straight in the one recycling bin for card.

Simple, responsible design. Nice one, Nestle.

I’ve also just come across Nestle’s own media release on this subject which you can read here, aswell as an article on optimising packaging here.


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