Energy Lock

This is a terrific product. And unlike many super “green” energy saving concepts it is more than just an idea or CAD model, it actually exists and works.

Imagine an extension lead combined with a kitchen timer and you’re someway to understanding the concept behind this device. It plugs into the mains as any typical extension lead does, but each plug socket rotates allowing the user to set how long each socket will supply power for. Once the dial time is spent the device automatically turns off. It also has a full twist option for constant power (which I can see being much better for things like computers).

TVs on the other hand could really benefit from this. You’re watching television in bed but you don’t want to get up to turn the set off, no need. Just set the dial to end a few minutes after your programme does and, voila, problem solved. It beats just using the remote to put it on standby, as a TV on standby overnight is said to consume as much energy as you will with it on for a whole evening! Plus it would almost certainly stop you watching aimless TV into the early hours if it switched off after a set period of time. I know, I know, no more impossible late night phone in quiz shows, but think of the sleep you’ll get!

I’m still trying to find who originally came up with this idea to credit, will update when I find out (or if you know please leave a comment below).

Found via SlashGear


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