Universal Packaging

Now this hasn’t got all the problems worked out, but it does offer an “almost genius” solution to packaging odd shape products perfectly.

Instead of putting an odd shape product into a traditional square (or really, cube) box of it’s maximum dimensions, and it taking up a lot more space than is really necessary, you can now do this.

A pre-scored carboard grid of triangles that allows you to fold up the packaging around the product to suit and fit its form (almost) perfectly.  The potential space savings could have huge benefits, if you can fit more products on a palette, then you can fit more in a truck, more transported per tank of fuel and so on and so on.

The only drawback I can see so far is how multiple units might stack if they do not have regular or flat bases, and hence perhaps not actually save any space at all!  This ‘Universal Packaging System’ by Patrick Sung overcomes this slightly by offering potential to be formed into a custom (cuboid) box.  I’m not sure if it will catch on as it seems like it could be extra hassle for more traditionally shaped items, but for one off or unique items it definitely offers a worthy solution.


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