Taste of London Festival

Slightly off topic from my usual design focussed posts, but at the weekend Regents Park hosted the Taste of London festival and it was just too good not to mention.

Before we’d even got through the gate fantastic smells and aromas greeted us, we were immediately drawn to the recommended Taste of Malaysia, and were not disappointed.  Authentic decorations, live cooking demos, dancing and food throughout with more samples and freebies than we knew what to do with.

There was also plenty of more substantial food to buy too, using the festival’s own currency of Crowns.

One of the favourites of the day were these chilli chicken wings

Followed by the duck pancakes and pecan crusted lamb.  Delicious.

And it wasn’t just food either, plentiful alcohol based stands, brazilian dancers and even a live band kept everyone’s spirits high when the sun tucked behind the clouds.

There were famous faces cooking up live demos at Electrolux‘s Taste Theatre too, the likes of Gary Rhodes and Heston Blumenthal both drawing large crowds, and Michel Roux Jr even getting involved on the front line at his stand.

Whilst the slightly less famous guys from High Street Dreams also had their own stand offering their much improved packaged (although still very spicy) sauce.

Now to one of my favourite moments of the afternoon, a beer and cheese tasting.  A mere 4 Crowns (£2) bought us half an hour with the wonderful and entertaining Melissa Cole who introduced us to “one of food and drink’s most natural partnerships”, beer and cheese.  Who knew?

Six perfectly matched beer and cheeses, with a really interesting history of their ingredients and production techniques.

My favourite: the Keto Reporter beer with Italian Gorgonzola.

Some of the more, ahem, expensive Italian beers, largely due to the fact the head of their brewery plays huge horns of varying Italian music “to the beer” during the fermenting process!

Of course I’m never fully ‘off duty’ and my design eye was caught by this fantastic poster.  Interestingly enough, Glorious also had the best soup we tasted at the festival.  Maybe there’s a link between good graphics and good soup, hmm.

With almost everyone of the many, many stands there offering a flyer/business card a good flyer was crucial to set you apart from the rest.  These two weren’t necessarily the best, but Malaysia Kitchen and the Aussie Spirit Company caught my eye with their uniquely shaped flyers.

The covers on this literature for welsh food also deserves a mention.

Thanks to Kayleigh May for letting me use many of her photos on here, more on Flickr, and a few more on my photostream too.


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