Daft Punk Case Study

For a Product Designer and a Daft Punk fan this case study was a real treat to find.

I’ve always admired Daft Punk’s image, their meticulous attention to detail in their outfits and whole vision across their performances.  Having been lucky enough to see them live a few years ago and experience them in the flesh (well, “robot flesh” so to speak) it has always been somewhat of a mystery as to how you would create such an an incredible helmet to top the outfit off, beyond even concept sketches on a page.  Well I now need to wonder no more, and neither do you.

Guy Manuel sporting the infamous gold helmet

Product design case studies of successful mainstream products are rarely revealed, but this is a fairly comprehensive example of how to execute such a product.  Harrison Krix has put in incredible effort over the past 17 months re-creating the Guy Manuel helmet, “countless hours, multiple dead ends, hundreds of lessons learned, and one helmet made”.

Want to see almost year and a half worth of Daft Punk helmet development condensed into 3 minutes? Of course you do.  Don’t blink!

And some of my favourite images demonstrating key points in the design process.  Enjoy.

Cardboard prototype to establish dimensions

Master shape created in MDF and oven-dried clay

Clay resin with sanded spot putty to modify

Chassis development for colour bar LEDs

Testing functionality and visibility of visor tints

The varying stages of mould development for the final replica

Testing electronics alongside material finishes

Final functionality testing

Final replica model working

Completed replica in use

The full Flickr set contains four pages documenting the entire process, a mere tiny selection is shown here so be sure to check them all out.


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