Human Gadgets

Technology and gadgets are ever increasing and getting smarter, and we all know that one day robots will rise up against us and take over the world.  Though judging by the recent robot world cup football, that time is still way off in the future.  So, for now, we’ll just have to settle for some gadgets getting clever-er, and reacting to external stimuli with a somewhat human-esque quality.

Making gadgets more personal means that they are something that we can relate to a bit more.  We react to weather, temperature, and of course each other.  The following gadgets have had an injection of anthropomorphism that is just this, implemented in both a cheeky and playful manner.

Design firm Chambers Judd has explored incorporating humanised behaviour into products to “accomplish practical, if unexpected tasks”.  Ah, yes, the most human of traits.  The results are a group of elements from the fictional Attenborough Design Group, which includes

The Gusendheit Radio which sneezes periodically to expel dust:

Floppy Legs, the disk drive which doesn’t like to get wet:leggy-diskdrive

and the AntiTouch Lamp which, well, doesn’t like to be touched:

“Intelligent autonomy” is gradually being bred into gadgets so that they are able to react to external cues, translating them into purposeful reactions.

You really cannot help but smile when you see them in action!

The Gesundheit Radio is so charming in its actions which looks the part as much as it acts, Floppy Legs’ ability to evade liquid with such a reaction is something most adults would probably be proud of, and AntiTouch’s sensitive halogen lamp really just speaks for itself.  Looking forward to seeing much more like this!


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  1. 1 網路行銷 September 17, 2010 at 12:11 am

    I strategy on publishing this post all more than the web. Should certainly I give any credit/references back for you?

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