Get Your Energy Back

This is great, really great.

The advert is for the New Toyota Auris Hybrid which recycles energy as you drive, so you get your energy back.

A boundary pushing 3D Mapping Projection event from Glue Isobar, filmed entirely on location in Shoreditch back in September.  A truly cutting edge display of audio visual technology, not only seemingly interacting with it’s environment but, with some conscious set design, allowing people to get up really quite close to the subject matter.

A clever combination of key frame, 2D, 3D, algorithmic and dynamic driven animations provide genuine depth and relief to the scene, from the props and accessories to actually projecting a CG car directly onto the car itself.  The surfaces appear full of motion and transition in a somewhat Transformer-esque manner, despite being entirely static in the real world.

The ‘Making Of‘ video is well worth a watch too, right down to the detail of how they overcame portraying a single cohesive piece of artwork lit across a range of surfaces from the pearlescent finish on the car to the brick and concrete it sat on.  Check it out here and see all the glory of the seven projectors, 28million pixels of texture, 100k lumens of power and 3,670 cups of tea it took to create!

There’s also a rather impressive collection of photos on Flickr from the event too.


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