Altitude 360

Slight off topic to my usual content, but at the weekend I was lucky enough to be taken to “London’s most inspirational venue” at Altitude 360, and it was just too good not to mention.

Set towards the top floor of Milbank Tower, practically on the bank of the Thames, we were greeted to a marbled reception area and escorted by the restaurant director himself in the lift up to the 29th floor.  As the doors opened we were welcomed out to a Bellini and a full-bodied and peppery Bloody Mary, the most sophisticated manner in which to commence Sunday brunch.  After a brief explaination of how service works we were left to admire the views from our table and take in the gentle background music and surroundings on offer.  Elegant floral displays break up the predominantly pure white decor, subtly highlighted with gentle wall-washing lights and tasteful RGB LED lamps to enhance the column decorations.

The restaurant is largely a buffet style affair, though with waiting staff available for table service, additional drinks and specialities are on offer too.

The buffet style means you can peruse all the courses and take in whatever you like and, more importantly, in whatever order you like.  We opened by approaching the “Egg Station” with a cooked to ordered eggs benedict (delicious), followed by a pork roast (well, it was sunday) with all the trimmings.

The laidback style of the restaurant allows you to take your time (though tables are limited to a two hour sitting), and we took a break to collect a fresh juice and coffee and absorb some of the breathtaking views on offer.  Genuine panoramic views across the whole of the capital adorn the 360 windows on all sides of the tower.  The clear weather meant fantastic views spread in front of us from the Gherkin, London Eye and St. Pauls, visible even from sitting at our table, to the likes of The O2, Wembley Stadium, and the currently under construction Shard building which looks set to be truly magnificent in London’s skyline.

We then approached the “Crepe Station” with a choice of french or american style crepes or waffles, and spoilt for choice with toppings from the classic fruits and sauces to more mouth watering butterscotch and candied sugar (popular in USA I’m told).

Turning attention to the off-buffet menu it was choice to order one each of the pasta dishes.  Cooked to order came goats’ cheese and mushroom ravioli and papperdelle with peas and truffle oil.  Both were delicious, though relatively large in portion size, conscious that the “Desert Station” still hadn’t been decided on.

Lemon Tart and beautifully sweet Spiced Plum Crumble were an ideal way to finish eating and we retired to the soft seating around the room for tea and to take in more views and photos of the views over London.

Shortly later we took the opportunity for a ‘tour’ around the room with a very knowledgeable and humorous guide instilling us with knowledge about London from 190m up.

Photos courtesy of Kayleigh May

If you get the opportunity to go to Altitude 360 I would thoroughly recommend it.  It’s more than a delicious buffet-style brunch, ensuring you get your money’s worth, it’s a sensory experience probably not seen before.  Incredible views to match sophisticated dining, it truly is an inspirational venue.


2 Responses to “Altitude 360”

  1. 1 Tony November 12, 2010 at 9:16 pm

    Sounds good – I’ll give it a go

  2. 2 Wind Energy November 13, 2010 at 3:46 pm

    Yes, i fully agree with you, you are really good writer

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