Tron – Projection Mapping

In the past couple of months the technology of projection mapping has really exploded on the scene, especially within advertising.  Far from being a brief trend, or short-lived fashionable gimmick, I believe that the boundary pushing technology is here for the long haul and is only going to get more impressive.

I mentioned Toyota’s most impressive Get Your Energy Back only last month and since then I’ve seen the 3D mapping technology scaled up to an awe-inspiring hisorical building in Amsterdam, animating a magical and surreal fairytale at the H&M flagship store.

Now HP have had their turn to celebrate the launch of their new ePrint range in association with the new film Tron:Legacy by mapping, and projecting onto, the roof of Queen Elizabeth Hall on Southbank.

“An immersive visual spectacle augmented with snippets from Daft Punk’s soundtrack and orignal sound FX from the film”.  Brilliant.

(Recommend viewing the video in full screen)


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