Moleskine Product Design

Moleskine, famous for their notebooks and, until now, famous for their notebooks alone.  This iconic staple in most designer’s satchels (for arguments sake let’s just call it a Freitag bag if I’m going to generalise throughout this post) is merely the starting point of the recently expanded brand of “legendary notebooks”.

Not content with launching the notebook across various limited editions, such as Pac-Man and Peanuts, they now offer a new collection to include pens and pencils (as you need something to write in your notebook with), bags and computer cases (somewhere to store your notebook) and of course the ultimate in geek chic – reading glasses.

And of course what better way to launch a new product range than a lovely, clever little video demonstrating the products in action.

Of course the original Moleskine notebook provided many a brainstorm opportunity to develop the range.  Designed by Giulio Iacchetti, the new collection takes on the aesthetic and functional characteristics of the classic notebooks, capturing the ethos and brand sentiments that have given us the elements of the elastic band, the rounded corners, the black color, and of course the timeless design.

All of these items naturally compliment the existing notebook, of which they themselves can now be customised with a selection of “Moleskin removable accessories” in the form of clips and stickers.  This is probably to differentiate yourself from the guy in the meeting sitting opposite you, who no doubt has a suspiciously similar notebook propped open in front of him too.

You can view everything to “make up the ideal kit for the modern-day nomad” on Flickr, and the products themselves are available from the Moleskine Store.


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