Nano Art

Recently Wired magazine pitched an article enquiring “can science be art?”.  Given the following, it’s simply a resounding yes.

Ever since his PhD in 1994 Albert Folch, associate professor of bioengineering at the University of Washington, has been creating beautiful images – the result of a combination of atomic-force and scanning-electron microscopies.  In 1997 he uploaded some of his favourites to the internet and found that other people loved them too, “they were an instant hit”.  You can see why.

Folch has since refined the technique him and his team used in the late nineties, and nowadays uses a high end Canon SLR and a Nikon SMZ1500 dissection microscope to take pictures of both living cells and manipulated micro fluids to a wondrous and beautiful result.  Art on a nano scale, fantastic.

Be sure to check out the Folch Lab YouTube Channel too, some mesmerising effects to be seen.

I could’ve posted many more photos on here, so do check out Albert Folch’s gallery and the Flickr group Lab On A Chip.  Beautiful.

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