Ken Dumps Barbie

Yes, you did read that correctly.  In a recent and shocking revelation Ken has dumped Barbie because of her recent activities in the rainforest.

This is slightly bigger news stateside, where Mattel is the largest toy manufacturer by a long strech, but Barbie’s influence this side of the pond is very much there to be seen.

Allegedly Mattel, and Barbie, have both been making unethical decisions regarding their packaging, supposedly sourcing from Rainforests in the Far East, in particular the Indonesian Asia Pulp and Paper who irresponsibly cut down rainforests, not caring about preserving the region’s ecosystem.

Image via Greenpeace USA.

The video clip above was created by Greenpeace and features film-maker Nick Broomfield interviewing Ken on the topic, who is conveniently shocked and appalled at the whole thing, and was launched alongside a range of protests at Mattel offices around the world.  A poster that size can be quite effective really.

More about the Greenpeace campaign here.

I wonder what impact this will have on Ken’s summer wardrobe?


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