Sand Patterns

Having been in The Middle East for the past ten days, it seems suitable that the first post of my return should involve sand and the desert in some way.

Intricate patterns of sand occur naturally in the desert all over the world.  Mysteriously beautiful, and in many cases unexplainable, the exact reasoning behind many of the sand formations has stumped both nature experts and physics academics.

Such ethereal and natural beauty from such simple grains of sand.

At a microscopic level the individual grains seem nothing more than tiny pieces of broken off rock, but when we take a step back and view them as a whole unit vast areas of sand can behave with both liquid and gas-like qualities.  This allows wind and water to play and form the sand, mimicking larger scale geography and settling into wonderfully cast ripples, channels, canyons, and valleys.

Plenty more of these fractal-like patterns have been photographed by the likes of Martyn Gorman and Daniel Wetmore so do check them out.


2 Responses to “Sand Patterns”

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