Wake Up Light

British Summer Time has officially ended and, whether you agree with it or not (the subject of many a recent debate), our clocks have recently been pushed back an hour.  This gives us ever so slightly more light in the mornings to wake up to, but considerably less in the evening when travelling (cycling) back from the office.

It may have been a struggle for you getting up this morning, or even coming home with it much darker than usual, but spare a thought for the town of Svalbard in Norway, the northern most town in the world.  It’s dark, continuously for 11 weeks at a time as the sun sits 12° below the horizon (known as polar night) – as far as natural light is concerned, there is none.

Not sure whether it’s 11am or 11pm?  Just head to the local shop, if it’s open then it’s am, if not then you can go back to bed because it’s pm.

Being in the lighting industry I’m well aware of the manner in which light, natural or otherwise, can play and influence your body’s rhythms, emotions, and physical well being.  Our body clocks are extremely sensitive and adaptable to light.

Cue Philips to tackle this ever-dark arctic town with an island-wide experiment to all use their Wake-up light to “wash out the sleep hormones” and overcome “sleep inertia” to ease you into your day.

After just two weeks 78% found it easier to get up in the morning, and after four weeks that figure was up to 86%!  A similarly high 87% felt more refreshed and ready for their day, with 86% reporting a positive impact on their mood.

Full details on the site here.


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