Jerry Mancock – Apple’s Very First Designer

Before the likes of Jonathan Ive there was Jerry.  Jerry Manock.  He was Apple’s very first designer.

Recently he said this, and something about it has really stuck with me over the past few days (probably the concern of which I can relate to it!).

I get really upset when I’m walking downtown and there are three young people walking toward me–all with their heads down. I try to make eye contact to say hello, good morning, and nothing.

The disconnect there bothers me, and that’s going to get nothing but worse. I’ve got my iPhone and GPS and news anytime I want it. But my mindset is: I’m not married to this thing. I don’t have to look at it every five minutes. I can kind of use the technology for what I need. I feel pretty balanced that way. And I’ve made a conscious decision not to go with all the social-media stuff, because it takes up too much of my time. I can’t read a book. I can’t sketch. I can’t go to movies if I’m constantly tweeting somebody.

Jerry Manock

In 1977 Jerry Manock joined Apple as a design consultant and designed everything of the original Apple II (the first successful, mass produced personal computer) bar the circuit board, even down to the beige colour, Pantone 453.

If you want to read more about Jerry there is a great profile on Seven Days here, and read the full article (including that quote) on Co. Design.


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