Flickr 366 – July

Despite the, ahem, thoroughly British Summer weather of late my Flickr 366 project must go on.  As has become tradition, here are a handful of my daily photo favourites from the past month.

05/07/2012 The Shard inauguration before the crown lighting was switched on

09/07/2012 Olympic 50p

11/07/2012 Hailstorm – a lovely summer afternoon

13/07/2012 Beautiful wedding marquee set up for friend’s wedding

18/07/2012 Philips OLED Lumiblade sample

21/07/2012 How to get around the strict Olympic branding issues

22/07/2012 Grass

29/07/2012 Lizzie Armitstead in the break away group of the womens’ cycling

The full Flickr 366 set continues here.


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