Stamps Surfboards

Those Who Make is a blog I’ve recently discovered about just that.  Those who make things.  Traditional and crafted techniques in a “carefully curated collection of videos and interviews”.

My favourite clip of late is The Sound of Dust.  A short video documenting the work and philosophy of Tim Stamps, with an insight into the world of quality and craftsmanship that his profession as a surfboard shaper in California demands.

There’s something quite emotive about these sorts of videos – traditional hand-crafted techniques that are void of machinery and typical manufacture, but full of quality, care, and immense attention to detail of a continually evolving and developing design.


2 Responses to “Stamps Surfboards”

  1. 1 tea September 26, 2012 at 12:14 am

    The URL for Those Who Make has a “v” at the end of it, which looks to be a typo : )

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