It’s not everyday that something really makes me go “wow”, but today was one of those days.  The Windcatcher Air Pad.

Using “rapid inflation technology” the Windcatcher Air Pad inflates in seconds with no power or pumping required.  It’s as much remarkable as it is impressive to watch it in action.

It is so impressive in fact that it looks like it ought not to be real.  However, it simply comes down to the basic scientific principles of nature.

Harnessing the power of air entrainment, which occurs when a turbulent flow (your initial breath of air into the Air Pad) captures a non-turbulent flow (the surrounding air), it mixes the surrounding air to amplify your breath and essentially turn it into one giant ” breath of air”.

It’s something I’m sure we have all experienced, and, since we are now slap bang in the middle of festival season, I think this will become the summer’s must have camping accessory.

If you’re as impressed as I am you can get support them on Kickstarter here.


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