Average Barbie

If you asked most females (and possibly a few males) to name a toy from their childhood, Lego aside, I reckon that a doll would be right up there.  And topping the list of dolls no doubt would be Barbie.

Barbie has come along way since the late 1950s, such that she is now available in gender-barrier-destroying roles and outfits such as Computer Engineer, Architect, and Presidential Candidate.

This brings her right up to date within the modern day, where roles are interchangeable and equally viable between men and women.  Changing her image is one thing, but underneath she is still the same figure.  How relevant is that with the society of today?

She has often been criticised for showing a skewed version of the female form as unhealthy or anorexic, and taking it to extremes you can see how a real woman would look with Barbie’s proportions.  Bizarre to say the least.

Now artist Nickolay Lamm has swapped this around and has taken it upon himself to challenge this stereotypical image of Barbie and portray the doll as an average woman.




Using modern 3D printing techniques, Nickolay has used measurements that match up with CDC measurements of the average 20 year old in America.

Presenting, for want of a better word, “Normal Modern Day Average Barbie”.


More info on Nickolay’s site here.

Via Design Observer’s OBlog.


3 Responses to “Average Barbie”

  1. 2 rimjimS August 8, 2013 at 3:57 pm

    True, Barbie is a favourite among all. Infact many little girls even aspire to become someone like her one day. Barbie is available in a variety of versions from princess to popstar to doctor. She has even landed her feet in the world of television. She will certainly be there to carry on her journey with the future generations!

  2. 3 fineproduction September 16, 2013 at 9:09 pm

    L’ha ribloggato su FineForume ha commentato:
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