Apple Mac Pro

Whatever your opinion of Apple there is no denying that they do design and produce some stunning products.  Their latest effort to gush over is the Mac Pro.

A stunning cylindrical housing, redefining what the personal computer looks like.  Built around an innovative heat sink core of extruded aluminium the Mac Pro boasts some of the most impressive technical specifications out there.

As a designer, part of what I enjoy is the design and manufacturing process behind the product.  Curious in understanding the materials and techniques involved to bring the concept to fruition.  Particularly with Apple these sorts of insights are often closely guarded secrets and rarely shown to the world, but it seems the Mac Pro revolution has given them a change of heart.

Extrusion, CNC milling and anodizing were to be expected (as was the polished chamfer technique that is used on the iPhone 5), but what’s particularly interesting is the development of the high velocity Deep Impact Extrusion that Apple undertook to guarantee the aesthetic of the space-age cylinder housing.

More specifically, I’m told the exact technique that the initial aluminium slug goes through is actually a combination of Deep Draw Stamping followed by Hydraulic Impact Extrusion, click through the links for a better explanation than I can offer.

The full production methods have undergone more scrutiny by Oregon-based designer Greg Koenig, who looks at the processes in much more detail here.  Even the fiber laser that deftly adds the “Designed by Apple…” we’ve come to expect.

This is one product that has definitely been driven by the design team, and not led by engineering or electronics.  Yes they were obviously involved, but nothing has taken the easy, cheap or straight forward approach that they would have liked.  These obstacles will have been met and overcome, all in the name of design.  Bravo Jony, bravo.


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  1. 1 bonnjo22 November 5, 2013 at 9:18 pm

    How did you come into contact with this video?

  1. 1 Matchbox Cars 1965 | Inspirational Geek Trackback on June 22, 2017 at 6:03 pm

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