(RED) Auction Follow Up

You might remember a few weeks ago I wrote about Sir Jonathan Ive and Marc Newson’s (RED) Auction.  The auction took place on November 23 and, as promised, I’ve returned to the to see just how much of a success the auction at Sotheby’s was.

Calling the event a success could be somewhat of an understatement as bids regularly exceeded the guide prices that Sotheby’s staff had estimated.

Overall the auction raised a staggering $26million dollars!  Half of that was from the sale of the auction lots themselves, and then the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation stepped in to generously match the money raised.  Wow.

Here Jony and Marc discuss their collaboration on putting the collection together.

Top of the bill in many people’s eyes was the Leica Digital Rangefinder designed as a one-off item by Ive and Newson themselves.  The camera sold for an astonishing $1.8million adding a significant amount to the total.

RED Leica

Although it wasn’t the most expensive item of the evening, that honour went to a unique “Red Pops for (RED)” Parlor Grand Piano from Steinway & Sons went for a touch over $1.9million!  Although I’d imagine the performance of Chris Martin and Bono singing Beautiful Day just beforehand helped nudge them along a bit.

Steinway Piano

Apple fans were keen to bid on a (RED) Mac Pro that went for $977,000 and those 18k rose gold Apple ear buds went for whopping $461,000.

Apple Mac Pro RED

Jony and Marc are the Beatles and Stones of the design world. The collection they put together should’ve been in a museum but instead they sold it off to buy medicines for those who can’t afford them

Apple Rose Gold

Other lots that far exceeded expectations were The (RED) Desk at $1.7million, the signed Stormtrooper helmet at $245,000, a space shuttle window on custom Ive/Newson stand at $845,000 and, one of my favourites, the ATMOS 561 Marc Newson clock at $425,000.

“The best and most successful design demonstrates humanity and a sense of care for others,” said Marc Newson. “What could be more fitting than to have the opportunity to use the best of design to help continue the fight against AIDS.”

All the results can be seen on the Sotheby’s site here.


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