Super Mario Bros Speed Run

Back in the day I was really good at Super Mario Bros on the NES,  I reckon I’d even still be quite good today if you found a working console to sit me down in front of, blew the dust out the game cartridge and handed me a hard-wired controller.

However, my humble memories of jumping on Goombas, collecting coins and sliding down pipes to secret worlds is nothing compared to this.

Though I never actually attempted a speed run, I am certain I’d fall woefully short of Mario Speed Runner Blubbler who completes the entire game (yes, the entire game!) in under five minutes.  Four minutes and 57.69 seconds to be exact.

Every jump he or she makes is pixel perfect, superbly judged even whilst holding down the B button to ensure Mario is running (always a downfall of mine when getting over confident).  As is the ability to avoid the time-consuming end of level fireworks (which only appear if you finish a level with a time ending 1, 3, or 6).

Super Mario, super skills.


3 Responses to “Super Mario Bros Speed Run”

  1. 1 Wayne July 30, 2014 at 6:25 am

    Brings back memories! Super impressive how fast it was played. Almost makes me nervous because I could see myself killing Mario so many times as I watched it.

  2. 3 DL August 4, 2014 at 9:18 am

    Four minutes and 57.69 seconds is AMAZING!

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