Slow Life

You might not think of coral as a particularly mobile creature of the ocean compared to the life of fish and sharks we are used to watching, but along with sponges and other “slow” marine creatures they have been brought to life in this stunning capture from Daniel Stoupin.

Under high magnification and using a fairly intense time lapse approach we can now see these animals come to life.

The most important living organisms that play the key functions in the biosphere might not seem exciting when it comes to motion. Plants, fungi, sponges, corals, plankton, and micro organisms make life on Earth possible and do all the hard biochemical job.

This is a definite must for full screen and HD viewing.
(tip: when you enter full-screen mode, click “view actual size” next to the HD icon to improve sharpness)

Each frame of the video uses between 3-12 images in a focus stacking technique to combat the shallow depth of field effect that macro photography requires.  This adds up to a staggering 150,000 shots over the 3:38 of footage.  Wow.

The footage was captured on a Canon 7D, a Canon 5D Mk III, a Canon MP-E 65mm lens, three custom spectrum lamps, Stackshot motorised stages, and, unsurprisingly, multiple computers to process the raw images and manage the focus stacking.  Software noted as Sony Vegas, Photoshop CS6, Zerene Stacker, and Helicon Focus.

Daniel reiterates that all the colours shown are real.  There is no digital enhancement, simply white balance correction as required.  Beautiful stuff.

More information on this and about the organisms in the video here, and more incredible images on his site here.


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    Amazing timelapse of corals from Daniel Stoupin!

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