What If The Moon Was A Disco Ball?

Who doesn’t love disco balls?  The bigger the better, right?

So, bear with me here, when I ask have you ever wondered what it would be like if the moon was a disco ball?

disco moon

Granted that would be quite a large disco ball.  The moon clocks in with a diameter of 3,474km, which is getting on for around 2million times larger than the average disco ball we have on Earth (this being the exception of course), but it’s quite an intriguing prospect isn’t it.

Would we all be involved in nightly parties as the sun set, or would the constant bombardment of glittering reflections of light all get to much?

Well, wonder no more as Michael Stevens from Vsauce explores both the imaginative and the theoretical side to that very question with some surprisingly cool and beautiful outcomes.  Namely the fundamental differences between the specular and diffuse reflection of sunlight.

So to summarise, any potential moon-sized disco ball would contain 3012 mirrored tiles, each 100-150km squared and 10km thick!

More detail in the video description here.

If you don’t already, then start reading IFL Science for other brilliant insights just like this.


1 Response to “What If The Moon Was A Disco Ball?”

  1. 1 rexmarquez77 January 15, 2015 at 9:23 pm

    This is extremely interesting and creative. I love it! Can you imagine if moon world really was a glittering ball of glass that reflected the earth! Too cool!

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