Rubik’s Cube Machine World Record

Infineon Technologies have updated their Rubik’s Cube-solving machine and taken a quarter of a second off their previous time to set a new world record!

I know a quarter of a second doesn’t sound like much, but given that the previous best time was 0.887s, the new time of 0.637s is a 28% improvement.  Wow!

It’s not until the video slows it down to x12 slow motion that you can even begin to see just what the machine is doing.

The machine, known as Sub1 Reloaded, contains an ultra-powerful AURIX micro controller which Infineon, no doubt amongst other things, are looking to use in their efforts of self-driving cars.  When you apply that time saving to the complex decision making scenarios that autonomous vehicles are in, a quarter of a second is invaluable.

Meanwhile the human record for solving a Rubik’s Cube stands at a substantially higher, but still impressive, 4.74 seconds!


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