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Google Cardboard Plastic

Google have put a rather amusing spin on their own VR platform Cardboard and it’s excellent.

For all the serious and hard work that they achieve, it’s always good to see their more tongue-in-cheek side that keeps them both appealing and endearing as a brand to people (not to mention a regular feature every year on April Fools Day!).

What’s realer than real?  Probably nothing.  Or maybe something…

Forget virtual reality, this is the first headset for Actual Reality.

Fully immersive, lightweight and waterproof.  What more could you want?

Cardboard Plastic.  Well played, Google.


Evian Babies

They’re back!

After winning our hearts with their swimming, roller skating and dancing, the Evian Babies are back with a new surfing advert Baby Bay.

This recurring Evian campaign must be one of the few relentlessly successful advertising campaigns out there.  The first spot of Water Babies aired nearly 18 years ago, and with only small changes (mainly to the activity that the babies take part in) the campaign is consistently turning out modern and engaging adverts that never fail to make us smile.

Another incredible advert that has been superbly executed, keep up the good work Evian.

Full credit for this goes to BETC, Wanda and Mikros Image.

More information (and some brilliant t-shirts!) over at

Avengers Age Of Ultron Razor

With Avengers: Age of Ultron released today it seems apt that I post this brilliantly tongue in cheek effort from Gillette.

gillette avengers

They have seemingly teamed up with the fictional conglomerate that is Stark Industries to highlight, amongst “others”, their new razor with Flexball Technology.

With a further four distinct models that offer “shaving rebuilt with Avengers inspired technology” it’s hard not to want them to actually release at least a limited run of Avengers themed razors, even if you still do have to shave in the traditional manner!

Coming soon, maybe.

The video clip is really well done, I had to double check the dates to see if I’d missed a belated April Fools’ effort from Gillette!


01 April 2015

Another April Fools’ Day and another chance for companies to try and catch you out with increasingly believable and creative jokes, and this year was no exception.

With efforts spanning across the spectrum from the likes of  Kiss FM (who didn’t really seem to understand April Fools’ Day), to Santander who seemingly forgot and hashed together a last minute Photoshop effort (albeit not a bad idea!), to the usual big contenders that demonstrated superb efforts.

The Guardian
One of the first stories to break this morning was the announcement that former Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson had joined the Guardian team backing the campaign for fossil fuel divestment.  Following the recent “fracas” Clarkson is hoping to “regain the trust of the British public” by “dedicating his time and financial resources to sustainable energy, road safety and forging mutual understanding and tolerance between people of different cultures and religions”.  Very good!

clarkson guardian

As ever, Google lead the way in brilliant April Fools releases.  My day started with the introduction of for a suitably confusing stunt before I even realised what day it was!

com google geek


com google bbc

Then building on the success of the Google Maps Pokémon Challenge last year the real winner of today comes in the form of Google Maps – Pac-Man.  Head over to Google Maps, click the Pac-Man icon in the bottom left et voilà!  I wonder how many hours people lost today playing that – it really is superb!

google maps pac man2

You can play anywhere in the world that has enough roads to constitute a level and, as Wired pointed out, the Taj Mahal even offers a Pac-Man-esque level layout.

google maps pac man1


Another big name brand that took part today was Virgin.  After discovering that his great-great-uncle founded the city of Branson, Missouri, Richard Branson has announced that he is moving the Virgin Group back to the American city where it all began.

The plan includes moving Virgin America, Virgin Hotels, and Virgin Limited Edition.

A number of other jokes caught my eye throughout the day as well.

Marmite Clear
A mere 15 years in the making and we now have a clear version of everyone’s favourite love it or hate it spread.  Apparently, psychologists say “eating dark-coloured foods for breakfast can provoke feelings of negativity” whereas this “light” and “positive” version “will keep you feeling chirpy all day long”.

Marmite Clear


Google’s SketchUp announced an improved user experience with the addition of Adventure Mode.

Monument by Fabian Cancellara
Pro cycling Team Trek Factory announced a new scent for the top step of the podium with Monument by Fabian Cancellara aka Spartacus!  Prepare to smell like victory.



The Kimsicle
The rather disturbing “Kimsicle” was announced this morning as a new “buttock-enhancing” marshmallow ice cream lolly inspired by “Kim Kard-ass-ian” from The Licktators.


Left-Handed Bike Horn

The When I Was A Kid toy store in Cambridge announced the development of a left-handed bike horn.  Available for a mere £5 “at last all cyclists are equal when it comes to their safety”.

left handed horn


Hailo Piggyback
For when a taxi is just too much why not get a piggy back around town?

How many fooled you?


Behind The Scenes Of Lego Ad Break

About a month ago we were treated to a promo spot for The Lego Movie with the brilliant Lego Ad Break.

It always intrigues me to wonder how things are made or put together, and fortunately we’ve been allowed a brief glimpse behind the scenes of the advert and how they turned‘s Brian the robot into “blocky brilliance”.

The frame by frame attention to detail is fantastic (all 1000 bricks-worth that the scene required!), consider me suitably inspired to see what I can recreate using my crate of childhood Lego!

Lego Ad Break

If you have even a small interest in Lego then you’ll know that The Lego Movie is on the horizon and last night, to celebrate the upcoming release, ITV ran an entire ad break in Lego!

It was during Dancing on Ice so you’ll be forgiven for not having seen it.  In case you didn’t, or if you did and just want to watch it again, here it is.

The ad break concept was dreamt up by PHD and Warner Bros in partnership with ITV and creative agency Drum.  The actual Lego content was created by ITN Productions and Bricksports.

The instantly recognisable ads used were for the British Heart,  BT, Premier Inn,  and of course The Lego Movie itself.

All of these prove that “even the most mainstream TV ad spaces can, in the right circumstances, be used in a playful and slightly cheeky way“.

More details here.


It is the time of year where the Christmas TV advert reigns supreme.  Leading the way for this, and previous, years is undoubtedly John Lewis.

However, one TV ad that seems to have gone relatively unnoticed is Apple‘s spot for Misunderstood.

Not the usual look of an Apple advert, but a beautiful twist to the probably all to familiar story of people burying their faces in their phones, which pulls at your heartstrings just enough for the festive season of giving.


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