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Doodling In Math: Part 3

It’s been a long time coming, but good things do come to those who wait.

So true to my word here we have the conclusion of Vi Hart‘s Doodling In Math mini series.

Building on the angle-a-tron‘s of Part 2 and the slug cats of Part 1, we now have Lucas Numbers, and the self-perpetuating cycle of plant growth!

How is a pineapple like a pine cone?  What do daisies and brussels sprouts have in common? It’s not the numbers they show, it’s how they grow.  This pattern is not just useful, not just beautiful, it’s inevitable.

Fascinating stuff from the ever-delightful Vi Hart.

Doodling In Math: Part 2

Here is Part 2 in Vi Hart’s wonderful Doodling In Math series.  Following on from last week’s Part 1 we continue our journey of spiral discovery and the occurrence of Fibonacci numbers in nature.

So now you know how to at least try and think like a mathematical minded plant, and of course how to make the ever-useful angle-a-tron and discover the golden ratio of Phi (Φ).

Part 3 coming soon!

Note: Beautiful spirally non-Fibonacci pinecones are very rare! If you find one, keep it!

Doodling In Math: Part 1

After the success of Inspirational Geek’s first mini series on Thought Experiments last year, I’m at it again.  The theme is still based around science and creativity but this time it will be a little shorter, only three parts.

The ingenius series comes from Vi Hart.  She’s no stranger to Inspirational Geek, I’ve featured her world on a Mobius Strip before, and have long been a fan of her mathematically based doodles.

Sit back and enjoy.

I hope that this has more than wet your appetite for the subject of spirals, Fibonacci sequences, and snuggled up slug cats.  If not at least a taste for Vi’s almost magical simplicity and adorable voice explaining seemingly complex ideas through squiggles and pine cones!

Part 2 coming soon.

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