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Flickr 366 – 2012 Review

2012 was the year I undertook my Flickr 366 project, one photo a day for the whole year.

I am proud to say it was a success, 366 separate photos – one (and usually many more!) for each day was taken and uploaded to my Flickr set.

Now, it might not sound a lot but it was challenging.  The idea was about breaking habits and trying not to force myself to take photos, but about encouraging myself to notice interesting angles, frames and generally looking at my surroundings in a different way.  Yes there were days when, at 11:30pm, I realised I hadn’t taken a snap and scrabbled around my flat seeking out shadow effects, or looking to crop an everyday object into something mysterious, but I always came up trumps.

Some photos are better than others from a technical point of view, some made me laugh, and others I found I preferred just as much for the memory or feeling that they evoke for both personal and sentimental reasons.

If you’ve been a reader over the past year you will have noticed at the end of each month I did a quick review and highlighted some of my favourites from that month.  Now that the project is over this post will look back at the year as a whole and put forward one image from each month as my favourites from the year.

flickr2January – 09/01/2012 Freecycling spotted in Camden

2012-02-02February – 02-02-2012 Sunset view from work

2012-03-24March – 24-03-2012 Battersea Power Station

2012-04-08April – 08-04-2012 Above & Beyond at Brixton Academy

2012-05-14May – 14-05-2012 Holly posing

7415844276_9883abf724_oJune – 14-06-2012 Sunrise outside Space at Playa d’en Bossa, Ibiza

2012-07-22July – 22/07/2012 Grass

2012-08-10August – 10-08-2012 View from apartment in Mawgan Porth, Cornwall

2012-09-02September – 02-09-2012 Paralympics GB in the Velodrome

2012-10-13October – 13-10-2012 Hampton Court Palace Gardens

2012-11-30November – 30-11-2012 Autumn and winter

2012-12-28December – 28-12-2012 View over Covent Garden from the balcony at the Royal Opera House

Some months could easily have had two or three favourites, but such is the review that I had to be ruthless in selecting just one from each of them.

The twelve monthly reviews I undertook last year are neatly categorised and can all be viewed one after the other here, whilst the Flickr set itself is over here.

Hope you enjoyed the project as much as I did!


Flickr 366 – December

My first post of 2013, and it brings to a close the final month of last year’s Flickr 366 project.

I’ll take a look back at the year for the project as a whole in the very near future, but for now here’s a select few favourites from December.

2012-12-0505-12-2012 11mile cycle to work in the snow

2012-12-0707-12-2012 Kings Cross St. Pancras

2012-12-0808-12-2012 Christmas market in the grounds of Lincoln Cathedral

10-12-2012 Robot Christmas tree decoration

2012-12-1313-12-2012 Bleak-turned-beautiful winter landscape

2012-12-1515-12-2012 Anyone else see the problem here

2012-12-2525-12-2012 Snow globe

2012-12-2828-12-2012 View over Covent Garden from the balcony at the Royal Opera House

2012-12-3131-12-2012 Alternative Bloody Mary (tomatoes soaked for two days in vodka, tobasco and Worcestershire sauce)

The completed project is on Flickr here.

Flickr 366 – November

The penultimate month in my Flickr 366 project and I’m still going strong.  Yes I’m a couple of days late posting here due to a hectic weekend, but nonetheless another 30 photos added to the project, and as ever a selection of my favourites below.

2012-11-0303-11-2012 Rather good fireworks obscured by the smoke from Surrey’s largest bonfire!

2012-11-0505-11-2012 Fatburger Dubai

2012-11-0909-11-2012 Duck breast and pork loin

2012-11-1717-11-2012 Autumn perspective

2012-11-2424-11-2012 Lights are on at London Bridge

2012-11-2525-11-2012 Thanksgiving desserts

2012-11-3030-11-2012 Autumn and winter

The complete project to date continues here.

Flickr 366 – October

The wet and colourful season of Autumn has engulfed almost all of us in the UK, and despite the fact that I’ve had to dig out all my winter jumpers my Flickr 366 project must continue.

Work has been busy and so I have been a bit slack in uploading my daily images to the Flickr set, but it should be up to date now.  Following neatly on, here are a few of my favourites from the past month.

03-10-2012 Foggy day at the new Four Seasons Hotel, Toronto

07-10-2012 Heathrow transit express

09-10-2012 View of the Burj Khalifa from The Address hotel opposite

13-10-2012 Hampton Court Palace Gardens

18-10-2012 Very neat integrated seat post clamp and rear brake hanger

22-10-2012 Dew-ridden spider web

29-10-2012 First harvest of home grown Basil

The complete project to date can be viewed here.

Flickr 366 – September

The weather has most definitely turned to Autumn, and so here are a few favourites from my Flickr 366 for the month of September.

02-09-2012 Paralympics GB in the Velodrome

07-09-2012 Friday afternoon lunch in the sun

09-09-2012 Olympic Rings at the top of Box Hill

15-09-2012 Weekend brunch

21-09-2012 100% Design

27-09-2012 Rhubarb and ginger with lemon biscuit crumble 

29-09-2012 …and Rhubarb marmalade with the leftovers

The full set of the project so far can be viewed here.

Flickr 366 – August

Moving swiftly towards what feels like the end of summer, here are a few select favourites from my Flickr 366 project in August.

04-08-2012 Wembley Stadium for Olympic football quarter final Mexico vs Senegal

10-08-2012 View from apartment in Mawgan Porth, Cornwall

17-08-2012 Friday afternoon BBQ at work

18-08-2012 Hampton Court Palace

25-08-2012 St. Paul’s Cathedral

29-08-2012 Full moon

The full project continues here.

Flickr 366 – July

Despite the, ahem, thoroughly British Summer weather of late my Flickr 366 project must go on.  As has become tradition, here are a handful of my daily photo favourites from the past month.

05/07/2012 The Shard inauguration before the crown lighting was switched on

09/07/2012 Olympic 50p

11/07/2012 Hailstorm – a lovely summer afternoon

13/07/2012 Beautiful wedding marquee set up for friend’s wedding

18/07/2012 Philips OLED Lumiblade sample

21/07/2012 How to get around the strict Olympic branding issues

22/07/2012 Grass

29/07/2012 Lizzie Armitstead in the break away group of the womens’ cycling

The full Flickr 366 set continues here.

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