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Robin Van Persie Flip Book

I’m aware this will make a hat trick of World Cup related posts, and I know some of you will want to escape the football, but it is a lovely creative take on recent events in Brazil.

If you haven’t been watching, Robin van Persie’s exquisite header against Spain is arguably the goal of the tournament so far (Tim Cahill’s thumping volley for the Socceroos is a real contender too!) and someone has painstakingly recreated it in a lovely sketch style flip book.

It even includes that very excitable high five with Netherlands boss Louis van Gaal!

Oh, and I’ve just tweeted a creative (Lego!) interpretation of Cahill’s goal here.


Nike Football: The Last Game

Ok so I know it’s only been a day since I last mentioned the World Cup but it does only come round every four years so cut me some slack.  It’s worth it.

Wieden + Kennedy have teamed up with Nike again and created a superb new animation as part of their #RiskEverything campaign.

I love the exaggerated caricature-esque figures of the footballers, but the inclusion of Ronaldo (the Brazilian R9) is a touch of brilliance.

If you didn’t recognise any of the characters they are Ronaldo Fenomeno, Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Neymar Júnior, Zlatan Ibrahimović, Andrés Iniesta, David Luiz, Franck Ribéry, and Tim Howard.

There’s no greater danger than playing it safe.

Goalposts In Brazil

With the 2014 Fifa World Cup barely 48 hours away I think it is only right that I post something football related.  Brazil’s football heritage is well known and their passion for the game is unquestionable, but many of the global stars that we know started out playing in the slums, on the streets, and on the beach.

In a country where, despite the huge stadiums, makeshift goalposts are the norm these images give an insight into the humble beginnings of the greatest footballing nation in the world.

goalposts1Copacabana beach, Rio de Janeiro

goalposts2Mare slum complex, Rio de Janeiro

goalposts3Sao Francisco Xavier neighbourhood, Rio de Janeiro

goalposts4Mare slum complex, Rio de Janeiro

goalposts5Botafogo riverside community near Manaus

goalposts6Rio de Janeiro

goalposts7Tavares Bastos slum, Rio de Janeiro

goalposts8Tavares Bastos slum, Rio de Janeiro

goalposts9Rio de Janeiro

goalposts10Leblon beach, Rio de Janeiro

goalposts11Sao Conrado beach, Rio de Janeiro

goalposts12Leblon beach, Rio de Janeiro

 Images via art&design at the Guardian.

Lego Champions League 2013

We’ve seen some great football recreations over recent years, from the beautiful efforts of Richard Swarbrick to Lego stop motion captures.

Following on nicely from the Champions League Final between Dortmund and Bayern last weekend The Guardian have provided the match highlights wonderfully recreated in Lego.

The champions of Germany, the champions of Europe again

They have got the instant replays spot on, and when paired with the style of pre-match television coverage overlaid with the original commentary the whole thing is impressively accurate!

Nike Better World

As a global giant of just about everything Nike are starting to move in the right direction and earn themselves some environmentally green credentials with a new Better World campaign.

At the core of this campaign is the ethos of

Superior athletic performance.  Lower environmental impact.

Which holds true to their roots as well as looking to the future.

They’ve certainly made a great start on this with thanks, in part, to a particularly clever recycling technique.  The process involves transforming old and discarded plastic water bottles into football kits for national teams.

That’s right, old water bottles that you or I drink out of, to something that the likes of Ronaldo, Ribéry and Sneijder wear to represent their respective countries.  Each of the kits is made with a minimum of 96% recycled polyester, which is equivalent to around 13 plastic bottles!

They are unsurprisingly Nike’s “most environmentally friendly ever” garments due to the fact that they not only save on the raw materials of pure polyester, but make a 30% reduction in energy for manufacturing them too.

For more information check out their site, Twitter, and Facebook pages.

01 April 2011

01 April, April Fools’ Day.  The one day of the year, up until 12noon anyhow, where companies and broadcasters spin stories out of control in an attempt to catch you out.

You may have seen some or all of these yourself, you may have caught them in a fleeting glance while scanning headlines, you may have laughed at their absurdities or even paused to consider how authentic the story was, even just for a second (and then hoping that no one saw you considering it!).  I’ll admit a couple of them did make me pause for just a moment so, in no particular order, here are my favourites from today.

Cardboard Bicycle
This was the first ‘fool’ I came across today.  I like it for it’s playful twist on a very current and trending topic at the moment.  Cycling is being ever more encouraged, as is recycling and the use of sustainable materials.  Merge all those elements together and you get Firebox‘s Re-Cycle Cardboard Bike.

Supposedly made from two hundred recycled newspapers, it claims to use the same technology that protects eggs in transit and features such desirable attributes as “unpoppable corrugated wheels”, “patented rip/tear technology” to assist with the quick release wheels and the added benefit of it being easily secured to a wall with tape – “without the risk of theft”.  All the absurd descriptions aside, I do kind of want one (yes, even the ‘paper chain’)!

Royal BMW
This initially caught my eye as it wasn’t simply an online ‘rumour’ or link passed around, it had a very genuine looking advert in this morning’s Metro.

BMW offer you the chance to “marque the occasion” by purchasing a BMW M3 Royal Edition with stock limited to the month of April.  Available  in the apt colours of Regal Red, Bridal White and Imperial Blue, and upholstered most appropriately in Windsor White Dakota Leather.  Oh, and of course, a dashing “WILL” badge to adorn your bodywork.

Gmail Motion
This morning Google offered us a new way to communicate, Gmail Motion.  A feasible explanation informs us that “the mouse and keyboard were invented before the Internet even existed. Since then, countless technological advancements have allowed for much more efficient human computer interaction. Why then do we continue to use outdated technology?”

Why click ‘reply all’ when you could squeeze in some exercise and point your  thumbs back over your shoulders?  Or why waste time holding down the delete key when a simple shake of the head will do!

Be sure to check out the complete list of amusing Gmail Actions.

Bronze Boris Bike Statue
Spotted over on the Dezeen Blog was the audacious unveiling of a 12m bronze statue of Boris Johnson sitting astride one of his infamous Boris Bikes.

To coincide with the anniversary of his 3rd year as London Mayor in May Boris Johnson announced that the tax payer funded statue would be his “gift to the people of London to commemorate a marvellous 3 years”, and people shouldn’t be shocked it includes one of London’s hire bikes as they are “widely seen as one of the crowning achievements of his reign thus far.”

Ronaldo Nationality Transfer
The respectable Independent pitched a very well written article on how Portugal had managed to effectively sell Cristiano Ronaldo to neighbouring country Spain in a bid to ease the country’s national debt.

Already the world’s most expensive footballer at €80m (Manchester United to Real Madrid in 2009), it was claimed that “Cristiano Ronaldo has agreed to “act like a patriot” and be sold to neighbouring Spain for €160m.”  Faux outrage supported the article with claims of nothing now stopping Qatar buying a World XI and even a token quote from David Cameron regarding a counter offer closer to the £200m mark since the “Premier League is where Ronaldo became a star it is only right and proper he should play for England.”

Bring on next year!

Bones Like Ghosts

You didn’t have to be a Spurs fan to be impressed with Gareth Bale tearing through the European Champion’s defence and running rings around arguably one of the best defenders in the world when Tottenham Hotspur took on Inter Milan in the group stages of the Champions League back in October and November last year.

However, with this video I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t even have to be a fan of football to appreciate animator Richard Swarbrick‘s utterly beautiful artistry in his take on Gareth Bale’s contribution in the two matches.

Absolutely stunning work.

I think The Run of Play gets it spot on saying “If there were a channel that showed live matches in this style, I might forget what living people looked like.”

Oh, and since you asked so nicely, the accompanying music is “Cinematic Balloons”, available here.

Via fellow fan Full Beard.

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