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The Man Behind The Ikea Catalogue

The most important person in producing the 211 million worldwide copies of the Ikea catalogue?  Furniture impersonator Torbjörn Lundberg of course.

“I can be a sofa and an hour later I can be a lamp…”

Such versatility, what would they do without him?

Hilarious ad from Swiss agency Wirz Werbung Zürich.


Nendo Glass Tables

With a newborn baby in the house a glass table is far from the most practical, but that doesn’t stop me swooning over this set of absolutely beautiful glass tables from Nendo.


Created as a range for Glas Italia at Salone del Mobile they seemingly contradict the sharp corners you would normally expect from glass boxes and instead end up looking like a soft blur of coloured glass that invites you to run your hand along the surface.




Each table is made up of five sheets of frosted glass and it is the 45 degree cross section at each joint that is printed with colour before being bonded together.

The rear face of the frosted glass is then printed with a pattern to create the blur effect that softens the edges.


Their design intent was  “to create a natural and soft image, as if the colours on the edges were blurring” and I can definitely say they have achieved that with beautiful execution.



 An appearance that contradicts the conventional image of glass, which is of a hard and sharp material, was achieved.



More information on the Nendo site here.

Via Design Milk.



Mobius Strip Table

Having recently moved house and bought some more furniture I wish I’d come across this earlier.

My love of fascinating mathematical models and shapes is no secret, I’ve even featured an entire world on a mobius strip before, but this item strikes the balance between the theoretical and the physical.

Lots of maths and shapes work well in theory, or on paper, but how do you bring them into the real world?

Introducing the very real and tangible Console Möbius from Pierre Renart.

mobius strip table

mobius strip table 4

Made from carbon fibre and covered beautifully in rosewood it would make a great addition to my living room.  The only downside, as Gizmodo put it, would be “if you start dusting it you might never stop”!

mobius strip table 3More furniture from Pierre here.

Chair Hoodie

The title says it all.  Chair Hoodie.  A hoodie for your chair.

If anyone is still looking for a (late) Christmas present for me (*wink*) then I definitely wouldn’t say no to one of these.

Chair Hoodie1

From Benotat & Co.‘s “chair wear” collection it is ideal in the office for hammering that project deadline without being disturbed, or just at home when you might be feeling the effects of festive alcohol consumption!

Via Swiss Miss.

Rip & Tatter

When I originally stumbled across this it reminded me so much of a post I wrote last year that I couldn’t resist giving it a mention.  It’s a wonderfully charming twist on the hammer-forged DIY furniture, aimed both at children (for the whimsical playfulness) and adults (for the eco recyclable touch).

Rip + Tatter is a creation from Peter Oyler, sculpted out (in huge great tearing handfuls, I’d imagine) from industrial grade cardboard.  Great fun, and a great sustainable product.

Via my daily nip of sustainable lifestyle.

RGB Wallpaper

Yes you read the title correctly, RGB wallpaper.  This particularly creative output is the product of Italian design studio Carnovsky and has been created for the Milan branch of Janelli & Volpi.

Each wallpaper style offers an utter visual delight in overlapping illustrations and colours, revealing one of three designs depending whether you shine red, green or blue light on them.

I can see real potential in expanding the application of this technique.  Everything from colour changing interiors in bars and clubs, to public spaces that could seemingly alter their environment at the flick of a switch.

The lucky folk in Berlin can go along to the Johanssen Gallery until February next year to see these pieces first hand, with the stunning addition of a similarly themed series on playing card based prints.

Carnovky’s Francesco Rugi explains “in each there are printed three different playing cards: The overlapping of colours mixes up the forms so that it is difficult to recognize which figure is represented, an enigma that can be solved just through the use of one of the coloured filters.”

If anyone is stuck for a Christmas present for me then one of these beautiful sets would go a long way to earning my affection.

More images from the different wallpaper series’ here.

All photographs: Alvise Vivenza

Via Creative Review Blog.

Equilibrium Bookcase

A beautiful piece of furniture to start off the week with.  Prepare to say goodbye to your bookends with these cantilevered modules finished in stylish walnut veneer.

Stacked on top of each other at single angled points, this rather unique item of furniture will provide as much of a talking point in your home as the function it provides.  It’s the fantastic work of Malagana Design, succeeding where many bookcases fail, in creating an impression of balance and lightness.

Designed to create an air of amusement and surprise, Equilibrium is able to hold up to 120lbs of books and magazines naturally tilted to eliminate the need for bookends.  Part of it’s appeal is the utterly baffling manner in which it stays upright and balanced, especially when you consider that can be completely disassembled in minutes with no tools or hardware!  The modules simply sit in absolute and perfect equilibrium.

It’s already been honoured with mentions around the world, in particular Lápiz de Acero in Columbia and Design+Modern+Function in New York.  Now the hat trick of accolades are complete with a glowing review on Inspirational Geek!

If anyone’s wondering what to get me for Christmas I’ll assure you now that you can’t go wrong with one of these bookcases.  I’m not fussy on colour.

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