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One Line Animals

It’s been a little while since my last post (work and personal life has been incredibly hectic), but following nicely from the Arabic Animals we have another animal-based graphic series.

The techniques used by graphic design studio DFT gives an almost overly simplistic representation, yet they manage to convey such lot of detail entwined within each.

Taking the time to “remove what’s not substantive” they are left with a single stroke that captures the animal.

The illustrations all your eye to naturally fill in gaps or interpolate the missing information with what it thinks should be there, completing the picture and adding depth.

A lack of shading on the illustration of the two elephants doesn’t prevent you from seeing that the baby elephant is in the foreground of the adult elephant.

The flowing lines naturally lend themselves to alluring to the idea of movement and fluidity.

The “distinctive unbroken line style” is at the core of everything they approach so be sure to check out more of their work here, particularly the Iconic Sneaker series.

The Importance Of Colour

Some Friday fun with the colourful and whitty illustrations of Stephen Wildish.




As you can see, colour is, well, rather important!



Check out more of his clever illustrations as part of his Friday Project here.

Have a good weekend!

If They Could Transform

If there’s one thing that is bound to send you on a trip down memory lane it is childhood TV programmes.  In an era where TV was an after homework treat the thought of all those theme songs and characters is about as heavy a dose of nostalgia as you can get.

Alongside the characters that you wanted to be a part of (for me it was being a Ghostbuster) were their iconic vehicles which often played a major part in forming the show’s content.

Cars are cool.  And they are even cooler when you are a little kid.  Combining this with another childhood favourite in Transformers is illustrator Darren Rawlings who has given many of these recognisable vehicles a robotic twist with his “if they could transform” series of images.

What if Optimus Prime hadn’t chosen a Kenworth K100 Cab Truck and had instead opted for the DeLorean from Back to the Future?  Well step inside the cartoon mind of Darren Rawlings to find out (complete with hoverboard!).

DeLorean Back to the Future – DeLorean

Mystery-MachineScooby Doo – Mystery Machine

Party-WagonTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Party Wagon

VanduraThe A-Team – Vandura

BatmobileBatman – Batmobile 8T-9

My favourite (complete with ghost trap)

Ecto-1Ghostbusters – Ecto-1

General-LeeThe Dukes of Hazzard – General Lee

KittKnight Rider – Kitt 

More images from Darren on his blog here.


One Of Those Weeks

It has been one of those weeks.

one of those weeks

But now it’s the weekend.  Happy Friday!

More awesome GIFs and illustrations by Robin Davey here.

Mathematical Drawings

When I first set up this blog, one of the hardest parts was finding a name that suited my interests, personality, and what I intended to write about.

Inspirational Geek seemed to fit well, and if there was a ever a post to sum up a combination of those aspects altogether it is probably this one.

Hitting the nail on the head is Rafael Araujo and his self-titled “Calculation work which encompasses the ‘inspirational geek’ sentiment more than most.

Using only a pencil, a ruler, a protractor and a compass Rafael produces the most intricate and visually stunning mathematical artworks.  And no computer in sight.


The flat paper space is brought to life in a complex and geometric 3D world.  We all know that there is maths in nature, my Doodling In Math mini series demonstrated that, but these drawings prove it in an incredible way.

Butterflies rise from the page and shells spiral up from their base with expert realism, and all hand drawn.  No CAD, no software, no Wacom tablet, just traditional drawing tools.




Spectacularly complicated images.  I wouldn’t even know where to begin myself.




If this doesn’t inspire me to get back into more regular sketching then I don’t know what will!




Many more works on his site here.

Noma Bar’s Guess Who

Inspirational Geek’s favourite negative space illustrator Noma Bar has been up to his usual blend of creative and clever imagery.

In his latest book Guess Who? he takes a playful, and sometimes amusing, twist on illustrating typical portraits of cultural and popular historical figures.  Some of my favourites below, can you guess them all?

And my absolute favourite, probably the world’s most famous physicist.

The traditionally unkempt hair, atomic symbol face and electrons for eyes.

Wind and Mr. Ug

Both Brain Pickings and the NY Times were spot on in their evaluations of Vi Hart when they stated she has a rare gift in “making mathematics cool”.  And not just cool in a fleeting ‘of-the-moment way either’, it’s a genuinely clever, engaging and inspiring way.

The standout piece of hers that caught my eye was the following video.  Now, seven minutes may seem like a long time to watch, but I can assure you it’s more than worth it.

The beautiful story of Wind and Mr Ug
(Do persevere with the story, after a couple of minutes the twist will suddenly make sense)

The foresight and creativity alone to conjure such a story is huge, let alone the whimsical and playful execution.

In case you haven’t yet worked it out, it’s a world based on a Möbius strip.  Now, have you worked out how the story ends?

From her mathematical balloon models (who doesn’t like balloons!) to her binary trees, it is utterly absorbing to watch Vi’s creations come to life through her infectious enthusiasm and passion for maths.  Be sure to check out her full ‘mathemagical’ portfolio here.


Johanna Basford is one super talented illustrator.  One of her more recent commissions has involved decorating the new electric Smart car from bonnet to boot in her trademark inky goodness.  Cue the #smartpic project!

24 hours drawing over 2 days in London, and 100s of of tweets inked onto the bodywork of 1 little Smart car.

The project at South Bank in London is the UK stop of the Smart Urban Stage, a pop up stage that has been touring Europe over recent weeks.

Particularly love the expressive octopus in the middle there!

The days following involved a big re-draw of the entire project – definitely worth a look on Johanna’s blog.

Lots more images in the Smart Twitter Picture Flickr set to check out.

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