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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and a happy new year from Inspirational Geek!


See you in 2017!

Modern Nativity via.

Winter Ballbuster Duathlon

Now that I’ve recovered (and dried off!) I can look back proudly on the Winter Ballbuster from a couple of weeks ago.

Yes, Ballbuster.

Following on from my first (and only other) duathlon last year I considered the next logical step.  A harder, longer, hillier duathlon of course.  I was perhaps somewhat naive in just how hard the Ballbuster could be, even with my confidence of doing quite well in the Leatherhead Duathlon (I placed 14th since you asked) it turned out to be even tougher than I imagined.

The event is a biannual 5 lap course around the infamous Box Hill:
8mile run (1 lap), 24mile cycle (3 laps), 8mile run (1 lap).

A few weeks before the event I read that the Ballbuster was billed as the UK’s toughest duathlon and indeed “one of the toughest endurance challenges in the UK”.

Ah.  Well, I suppose it had to get the name from somewhere!  Still, my target remained to finish inside 3hours 45minutes.

The night before the race I packed my plastic box for transition from a meticulous list and settled in for an early night. I’ve only ever had indoor transitions before where you can lay everything out neatly, but with an outdoor transition area and heavy rain forecast I needed to try and keep everything dry!


Packing for transition

The next morning my alarm went off at 6am and I rolled out of bed to find that the weather was deceptively mild and, despite the relentless forecast all week, not yet raining.


Queuing up for registration

I queued up the final stretch of Box Hill to the car park (note to self: leave earlier next time!) and queued up again for registration.  I needed to buy my first BTF licence and once I’d picked up my timing chip I headed off to rack my bike and warm up.


Setting up in the transition area

Nervous smiles and small talk filled the atmosphere at the briefing. There was a real mix of people, those looking to win, those aiming for PBs, and absolute first timers just hoping to make it round. Most people, myself included, had a few nerves but just wanted to get out on the course.

I was most nervous about the second run. 40% of the course distance was on foot, a much bigger chunk than I was used to and I would have to pace myself to save enough for a final 8 mile stretch.

Approaching the start line in pulsed starts I soon found myself in the next group to go. The horn went and, with the familiar beep of my Garmin, I was off.


That’s me on the right hand side in the blue and white

Despite my plan to set off at my own pace I inevitably set off too quickly.  Adrenalin pumping and trying to weave out a clear space to run in it took me a few minutes to settle down into my rhythm.


Here we go!

The wind was increasing but it still wasn’t raining which I was grateful for.


The wind makes me look like I’m going much faster than I really am

After the first lap I was feeling pretty good, I was right on my predicted time and even with a slightly slower than hoped transition I was off and pushing hard on the bike down towards Headley.

I personally find the transition from run to bike fairly easy. Your legs are really warmed up and have a natural impetus making for good momentum between disciplines.

From the run I knew what goes down must come up again, so it was a case of trying to enjoy the downhill sections and keep up a decent pace knowing my average speed would suffer on the climbs.

Grinding up Zig Zig Road there were comments of encouragement between breaths from other competitors. I even managed a short conversation with a similarly paced cyclist on one lap.


A good line around the bend

I say “conversation”, we were both cursing the headwind through pained grimaces whilst pushing on.  Mild comfort that others were beginning to suffer like I was.


I even managed a wave for the camera

Seeing my family as one of many small clusters of supporters dotted about the route was a huge boost. Multiple laps of any course can a be a challenge mentally, but with the infamous climb up Zig Zag Road looming every lap anything that lifted morale was welcome.

At the start of the third bike lap the heavens opened. Sheet rain and crosswinds slapped us about and it was all I could do to keep going. The middle section of the course was already wet and littered with leaves and twigs and the weather was only making it more treacherous.

I only came close to coming off the bike once, some sort of marvel considering the wet and slippery leaves that lined the twisting downhill sections. Blinking through the rain I took a corner far too quickly but managed to hang on to the back wheel that felt it would be more suited to the floor than remaining upright.

With a naturally slower speed on the hills I took the opportunity to take on energy gels and my trusted cycle snack, malt loaf!

By the time I hit T2 the transition area was a mud pit. Sliding my way through I racked my bike, changed shoes again, and headed back out on the course.


Transition had become quite muddy

Starting the second run I might as well have had kettlebells for feet the effort it took to keep putting one foot in front of the other. After a couple of miles I realised that any other competitors were thin on the ground.  Gone was the morale of other competitors or anyone to pace myself against.  Just me and the now small river running down along the roadside.


Soaked through from the rain

The final time up Zig Zag Road was a lonely run.  Eventually rounding the final switchback a group of supporters cheered me on and I managed to pick up the pace ever so slightly knowing the finish was so close.


I can see the finish line!

Through the finish line I was utterly drained. Physically I was beyond exhausted but mentally I was jubilant and spirited that I’d achieved so much and had finished quicker than hoped, even in torrid weather conditions. I’d earned a much-coveted BallBuster hoodie (the Ballbuster doesn’t do medals) along with a  couple of blisters and some very stiff legs.

My overall finish time was 3 hours 37 minutes (time splits are on Strava: run 1, bike, run 2).  I was particularly pleased I managed my second run to be within four minutes of the first despite it feeling like much more!



Would I recommend it?  Yes, absolutely! Especially if you like a gruelling course, a relentless climb, and almost certainly terrible weather! I’m already hoping that the Spring BallBuster in 2016 will have better weather to help me improve my time and finish under 3hours 30min.

Credit for all professional photos Sport Cam.

Happy Birthday Inspirational Geek!

Happy birthday Inspirational Geek – 6 years old today!

happy birthday 6

I know I say this every year, but wow, really, what a whirlwind 12 months it has been.

The more astute of you will have noticed my post frequency decrease somewhat over the past six months but, with a seven month old daughter, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Blog-related highlights over the past year have included some incredible design, product reviews, stunning exhibitions, beautiful art, software milestones, and some advanced origami amongst many, many more.

What’s been your favourite post over the past year?  Why not take a chance to discover a previously unread with this random post link.

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Here’s to the year ahead!

Happy Birthday Inspirational Geek!

Happy birthday Inspirational Geek – 5 years old today!

I’m not really sure where to begin with this, the time has gone so quickly and is quite a milestone of achievement when I look back.

vintage 5 year old

This blog started way back in 2009 as a way to formalise some of my online bookmarks that I wanted to share with people and would otherwise have got saved in a folder and quickly forgotten about.  Scroll forward through the years and it’s become so much more than that.  Yes I still share the inspirational and creative things I find, but I also squeeze in the odd product review, work projects, personal musings, and more.

This blog started out as something, broadly speaking, for me.  But in short it has become something for other people too.  I still write for me as often as I can, time permitting, but it is now something that other people (you!) actually read as well.

The number of subscribers and readers still amazes me, so a huge thank you to everyone that has ever read any of my posts, commented, subscribed, shared links, opinions, and even submitted content for me to write about.

My very first post was about a giant robot, so naturally I’m going to celebrate with these robot cupcakes.

robot cupcakes

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Here’s to another five years!

2013 In Review

The stats helper monkeys have prepared a 2013 annual report for Inspirational Geek.

Looking back perhaps this should have been my first post of 2014, but I was still running through some of the numbers when I wanted to post this, and we are still in the first week (just!) so it isn’t too late.

Whilst I check in on my stats and readers all the time I thought it is about time I shared some of them with you.  After all, you all contribute to them every time you visit the site!

In 2013 I wrote 60 new posts (not quite as many as the year before, but 2013 was quite busy for me) and they reached a staggering 140 countries across the globe!  Topping the list of most readers was the USA, with the UK only just behind in second.

The top stat from the report:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people.  This blog was viewed about 21,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 8 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Thanks to everyone who read, commented, subscribed and contributed last year.  Here’s to an even bigger 2014!

Jetting Off

A couple of quiet weeks ahead as I’m disconnecting from the interwebs to enjoy my honeymoon.


See you when I’m back!

(GIF via Jack Hudson)

Happy Birthday Inspirational Geek!

Happy birthday Inspirational Geek – 4 years old today!

Every year I’ve said this, but where have the past 12 months gone?  It seems only last week I was writing this for Inspirational Geek’s third birthday.

cakeI can’t take credit for the cake, it is all the work of my sister!

This past year has seen lots of amazing content featured on here, too much to really narrow down in fact, so why not take a chance and (re)read a random post from the archives via this random link.
(it should open in a new tab so you can click as many times as you like for a different random post each time!)


Thanks, WordPress!

Once again I want to say a huge thanks to all the readers and subscribers to this blog.  Anyone who has ever read, commented or submitted a post, as well as anyone who has inspired and supported the time I spend writing on here.

I plan to increase the features on here over the next 12months with a monthly newsletter and potentially designing some Inspirational Geek goodies and freebies for any fans out there.

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Here’s to the year ahead and reaching another milestone, cheers!

Made By Oomph

If you’re in the market for some new business cards, something a bit different, something memorable to hand to someone, then look no further than Made By Oomph.

They are far from simply another card printer, they seem do be doing something quite unique in creating a wide range of high quality plastic cards.

Even though I had a good idea of what I’d ordered (based on their gallery) I was still pleasantly surprised when my order turned up.  Straight out the box the cards immediately have the presence of a high quality product.  The smooth matt finish of the “brilliantly-crisp white plastic from Italy” feels great to hold, and the 0.76mm thick plastic has a nice weight to it.

The cards feel much more substantial than your typical card, not too heavy but a good quality to them.  Something that feels valuable, and something you’d certainly be remembered for.

I’ve been given larger or thicker cards before, and they can be a bit annoying, they don’t fit anywhere and tend to go unused or forgotten, but being that these are no larger than your bank card they fit easily in your wallet or card holder.

If you’re still not convinced, head over to grab a sample pack and build a design of your own.

Happy Birthday Inspirational Geek!

Happy birthday Inspirational Geek, 3 years old today!

Another year has absolutely flown by.  A fantastic and enjoyable year, and all down to you guys – the readers, subscribers, contributors, and more!  A huge thank you to anyone and everyone who has supported and promoted Inspirational Geek, inspiring many more ideas, posts and projects along the way.

The past 12months has brought us a mini series,  a new photography project, Olympics creativity, childhood heroes, another mini seriesinterviews, a new clothing brand, evermore creative April Fools’, and one of my personal favourites the Guardian’s open journalism advert to name but just a few.

What were your favourite posts of the past 12months?

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Here’s to another great year ahead!

Happy Birthday Inspirational Geek!

Phew, another 12months have flown past.  Inspirational Geek is two years old today!

The past year has included some real highlights, including two features on the WordPress homepage as Freshly Pressed (once back in March for this, and once just last week for this).   Other favourites include some ground breaking projection mapping, some fantastic and award winning product design, and naturally some travel to Europe (and slightly further afield!).

I just want to say a huge thanks to all the readers, subscribers, comment-ers, and anyone who has inspired and supported the content on here.  Here’s to another busy year!

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