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Behind The Scenes Of Lego Ad Break

About a month ago we were treated to a promo spot for The Lego Movie with the brilliant Lego Ad Break.

It always intrigues me to wonder how things are made or put together, and fortunately we’ve been allowed a brief glimpse behind the scenes of the advert and how they turned‘s Brian the robot into “blocky brilliance”.

The frame by frame attention to detail is fantastic (all 1000 bricks-worth that the scene required!), consider me suitably inspired to see what I can recreate using my crate of childhood Lego!


Lego Ad Break

If you have even a small interest in Lego then you’ll know that The Lego Movie is on the horizon and last night, to celebrate the upcoming release, ITV ran an entire ad break in Lego!

It was during Dancing on Ice so you’ll be forgiven for not having seen it.  In case you didn’t, or if you did and just want to watch it again, here it is.

The ad break concept was dreamt up by PHD and Warner Bros in partnership with ITV and creative agency Drum.  The actual Lego content was created by ITN Productions and Bricksports.

The instantly recognisable ads used were for the British Heart,  BT, Premier Inn,  and of course The Lego Movie itself.

All of these prove that “even the most mainstream TV ad spaces can, in the right circumstances, be used in a playful and slightly cheeky way“.

More details here.

Build With Chrome

About 18 months ago, Google announced a rather fun looking WebGL Lego simulator called Build which gave a limited number of people a small plot of land on which to build your own Lego creation online.  Pretty neat.

Now, fast forward to present day and Google have just launched the much improved Build with Chrome to everyone, and it’s a whole lot more brilliant!

I haven’t been this excited by a web application in a long time.  Give it a couple of years, maybe a touch more, and I think as a community we will have large portions of the world entirely mapped out in Lego!  Very cool!

You can build on any device running the Chrome browser, so because you’re not restrained to your desktop that bus journey home is suddenly looking a lot more fun.

Additional geographical features let you browse other creations by location around the world, with popular items so far including an attempt on the Eiffel Tower and even a tardis on the bank of the Thames in London.  The best thing to do is head over and explore the world of bricks for yourself.

Lego tardis

It’s not a replacement for original Lego building blocks, but more an extension of the idea into the digital era.

Lego challenge

With the Build Academy Challenges and an option to just build your own creations on a standard base plate there is many hours of fun to be had (and no need for a Brick Separator* when you get a couple of 1×2 pieces get stuck together!).

Lego geek

My first build was something very appropriate, even if I couldn’t resist the odd add-on pieces to decorate.  Happy building!

*I didn’t even know these existed until researching for this blog post!

Lego Masterpieces

As Christmas approaches it is no surprise that one of my favourites, Lego, is top of most people’s lists.  I recently read that throughout the year a staggering eight Lego sets are sold each second, with that figure increasing to a mind boggling 28 sets each second as we near Christmas!  That’s almost 300 sets sold since you started reading this blog post!

We’ve seen before how a minimal approach with Lego bricks can create something so recognisable with the Imagine Lego series, but taking it a step further Marco Sodano has pixelated the paintings of three classic masterpieces.

Marco Lego 1

Marco Lego 2

Marco Lego 3

Did you get them all?  If not, just scroll down and I’ll leave the answers in the comments below.

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Golden Bricks

I’ve featured a couple of Lego-football reconstructions before (here and here), but none quite as fanatical as this one.

Celebrating a career as illustrious and successful  as David Beckham’s, Golden Balls has now been handed further honours with tribute to his most famous career moments immortalised in Lego stop-motion.

From the treble-winning side of Manchester United to being sent off for England and, of course, THAT free-kick for England against Greece, Japanese film makers Mori Pictures have put together a montage of the best (and worst) bits from “Golden Bricks” over the years.

A career that included Manchester United, Real Madrid, LA Galaxy, and the remarkable recent time spent at Paris Saint-Germaine (which, in a first of it’s kind instance, saw Becks donate his entire salary to a local children’s charity), as well as over 100 international appearances for his country.

Who better to immortalise in Lego?

Lego Champions League 2013

We’ve seen some great football recreations over recent years, from the beautiful efforts of Richard Swarbrick to Lego stop motion captures.

Following on nicely from the Champions League Final between Dortmund and Bayern last weekend The Guardian have provided the match highlights wonderfully recreated in Lego.

The champions of Germany, the champions of Europe again

They have got the instant replays spot on, and when paired with the style of pre-match television coverage overlaid with the original commentary the whole thing is impressively accurate!

The Lego Story

Here at Inspirational Geek we are huge fans of Lego, as a couple of recent posts (here and here) show, but when I saw the headline that Lego was celebrating its 80th birthday I knew I was in for a treat.

And this animation which recounts the history of the Lego company, and eventual product that we all recognise today, doesn’t disappoint.

Narrated from the perspective of Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, Lego’s current owner, to track the journey and risks that Lego founder Ole Kirk Christiansen and his son Godtfred travelled and took.  Utterly brilliant!

The most iconic toy the world has ever seen, inspired to encourage creativity and imagination amongst children.  I for one can say that its still inspiring me well into adulthood.

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