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Colourant is a superbly fun idea that features a series of floating “sculptures” of colourful liquid thrown into the air by Jeremy Floto and Cassandra Warner of Floto+Warner.


The images capture the imperceptible as the camera shutter blinks for 1/3500th of a second, a fraction that your eye would barely recognise it before it was over and just a mess on the ground.

a momentary graffiti of air and space






Each of the shapes doesn’t quite look real, yet looks perfectly natural all at the same time.

Creating shapes of nature not experienced by the human eye, these short-lived anomalies are frozen for us to view at 3500th of a second. Transforming the non-discernible and ephemeral to the eternal.





The beauty is in the technical aspects as much as it is in the colour and landscapes, “the essence of photography – immortalise the transitory”.  A poetic a description of an optical illusion as I’ve heard.


Sochi Image Sequences

Many of the high energy and acrobatic events at the Sochi Winter Olympics happened at huge speed, with twists and turns blending into one movement.  Blink and you’ll miss the fractions of seconds that separate many of the top riders.

This speed, however, has prompted the likes of the BBC and The New York Times to produce stunning composite images of some of the ski and snowboard events (click through any of the images to view larger).

Austrian Alpine Skier Marcel Hirscher clearing a gate
Marcel ski

Canadian Snowboarder Mark McMorris landing two triple corks
mcmorris jump

And this incredible sequence from American Sage Kotsenburg‘s gold medal winning run.





Then you have Henry Stuart‘s impressive 360degree images.  Head over to his page to be able to zoom and navigate amongst them all.  A couple of my favourites are the Mens Moguls and the Ski Jumping.

mens moguls

ski jump

Some creative and fantastic photography all round.

Dove Real Beauty

It is commonly known that Photoshop is widely used to touch up and edit cover models.  Everything from minor blemishes to the “slimming” of limbs and full blown transformations.

This aspect of the industry has been mocked before with the likes of Fotoshop By Adobé, but now Dove are actively trying to do something about it with their campaign promoting and celebrating Real Beauty.

By planting a disguised “Beautify” skin glow effect to directly impact those who retouch the photos, such as art directors and graphic designers, the  Photoshop Action actually reverts the image back to the original unedited state.

Whilst this is no doubt a cunning and creative way to impact the retouching of photos, the scheme has come under some criticism that it isn’t targetting the right people.  Ultimately graphic designers and such are the ones who are doing the editing, but more often than not they are simply doing a job.  Their client is the one calling the shots and paying for the contract or project.

The underlying message from Dove is one of being happy with true beauty and making the point that Real Beauty isn’t retouched, but perhaps aiming their creativity at the real culprits would be more worthwhile.

Via Design Taxi.

Cake Ramp

It’s Friday so here’s something fun.  Cake ramp.

cake ramp
Enjoy your weekend!

Via Brock Davis on Instagram.

NYC By Bike

As cycling becomes ever popular and embraces new styles and trends something that many cyclists are doing is using is using helmet-mounted cameras to record footage of their time in the saddle.  Whether that’s on the road to highlight good or bad behaviour from motorists (and fellow cyclists!) or simply showing off tricks and stunts off-road.

Either way what you get is the view from on top of their helmet.

In a unique twist in capturing images whilst riding your bike, sports photographer Tom Olesnevich caught my attention with a very particular viewpoint.  Yes they are shot from a bike still, but the slightly unusual angle from which they are taken is essentially the bike‘s point of view.

The project is rather aptly named NYC By Bike.




All the images were taken on a Nikon D40 and bravely mounted to the bicycle with a GorillaPod.  An infra-red remote triggers the capture.





The complete set of images from the project is on his site here.

Spectacular View Of Earth

Last year I featured a beautiful time lapse view of Earth from space, but now that seems to have been trumped with what is fast being known as the most spectacular night view ever captured.   And I’m inclined to agree.

Hit full screen and high definition, then sit back and enjoy.

Simply stunning, with a beautiful and ethereal quality that leaves me lost for words.

Created by Knate Myers, who composed each and every frame from images taken from the International Space Station.

Pointillist Power

Simply stunning “pin art”  installations from still life photographer Philip Karlberg.

Using the oversimplified pointillist technique Philip has worked some real visual genius to achieve some incredibly recognisable characters in his work.

Around 1200 coloured pegs and some very strategic lighting has given the rather impressive results.

If you didn’t get them all, they were (from the top) Karl Lagerfeld, Jackie O, Lady Gaga, Johnny Depp, John Belushi, Steve McQueen.

Check out Philip’s other work here.

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