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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and a happy new year from Inspirational Geek!


See you in 2017!

Modern Nativity via.

AxiDraw V3

AxiDraw V3: I want one.

I’m not quite sure what I’d use it for, but I want one.  Even just to watch it create seamlessly shaded letters and shapes over and over again would be incredibly satisfying.

It’s probably getting a bit late to add to my Christmas list, but here’s to perhaps treating myself in the new year…

Full product details of the pen plotter (or “drawing machine”) and its capability on Evil Mad Scientist, and be sure to check out their other Art Robots here.

The Importance Of Colour

Some Friday fun with the colourful and whitty illustrations of Stephen Wildish.




As you can see, colour is, well, rather important!



Check out more of his clever illustrations as part of his Friday Project here.

Have a good weekend!

The Big Life Fix

I sketch, scribble, and make written notes almost every day.  Whether it’s as part of my job as a lighting designer or a subconscious doodle waiting for a train, doing something with a pen in my hand is something that I take for granted.  And most of us do too I’m sure.

Emma is a graphic designer with Parkinson’s disease which causes uncontrollable tremors, meaning that she can’t write or draw.

Designer and Technologist Haiyan Zhang and the team at Microsoft Research set about trying to solve this problem and the result is just incredible.

Emma’s story is just one of many that is addressed in the first episode of The Big Life Fix on BBC Two.  Watch it here.

Retro Wave

Seeing as it’s Friday why not have some fun with PhotoFunia’s Retro Wave.


Turn any words you like into a Tron-inspired 1980s style text effect.


Happy Friday!

Rubik’s Cube Machine World Record

Infineon Technologies have updated their Rubik’s Cube-solving machine and taken a quarter of a second off their previous time to set a new world record!

I know a quarter of a second doesn’t sound like much, but given that the previous best time was 0.887s, the new time of 0.637s is a 28% improvement.  Wow!

It’s not until the video slows it down to x12 slow motion that you can even begin to see just what the machine is doing.

The machine, known as Sub1 Reloaded, contains an ultra-powerful AURIX micro controller which Infineon, no doubt amongst other things, are looking to use in their efforts of self-driving cars.  When you apply that time saving to the complex decision making scenarios that autonomous vehicles are in, a quarter of a second is invaluable.

Meanwhile the human record for solving a Rubik’s Cube stands at a substantially higher, but still impressive, 4.74 seconds!

10K Video

I’m just getting my head around how incredible 4K video looks (not that I’ve got much hardware that will actually display it accurately), and along comes photographer Joe Capra (aka Scientifantastic) with videos shot at 10K resolution!

Yes, 10K!

Highly recommend full screen viewing for this.

The video footage was shot on a Phase One IQ180 and is comprised of hundreds of 80 megapixel images.  Starting at 14% scale (to fit on a typical 1920×1080 display) the video zooms out to stops at 50% and 100% zoom.

The detail at 100% is incredible, though you’d expect it to be when each individual raw frame is 10328×7760 pixels!  Woh!





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