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A Girl Named Elastika

This has been featured on a few blogs already (packing up and moving house took up most of my time last week), but it is far too creative and brilliant not to share on here.

The stop motion story of a girl named Elastika and her dreams of discovering the world, amazingly animated by Guillaume Blanchet with only rubber bands, a pin board and hundreds of coloured drawing pins.

You can tell Guillaume is a film maker and not just an animator, the out takes and stunt double at the end are a fantastic nod to the film industry, as are the camera view changes of zooming in and out (particularly on the boat at sea circa 1min50s).

I’m already eyeing up our stationery cupboard at work and wondering what I can make!



With Wimbledon upon us once again, what better way to celebrate than Bryan Ku‘s brilliantly creative take on the concluding game of the 2008 Men’s Final.

º Volley

Often referred to as one of the greatest matches of all time, all that this interpretation is missing is some of Kent’s finest.  Enjoy.

The Brick Thief

A mad inventor turns creative brick thief in this inspiring and playful new short for Lego.

Strangely, this is actually the second ‘short film’ Lego have created.  Completely unbeknown to me directors Blue Source also worked on this over a year ago to celebrate the initial launch of Lego Click.

Both are completely brilliant, creating something that makes you smile from ear to ear whilst capturing the essence of exactly how Lego makes you feel.  The infinite imagination of a mad inventor, something Lego brings out in all of us.

Tape Art

Proof that you can be super creative with just about anything!

Tape Art on the streets of Slovenia, part of the new campaign for Orto.  Awesome stuff.

The Creativity Of Nike

Nike, the choice of hi-top trainer for Jordan, the net-bulging boot of Rooney, and the sponsor of the thigh-busting road cyclist Lance Armstrong.  All great names, and undoubtedly outstanding sporting performance. But so do many other great brands, the likes of Adidas with Lionel Messi and Lewis Hamilton for Reebok are just a couple that spring to mind.  When it comes to being creative though Nike have stepped up their game even more, and are truly in a class of their own.

As I’m sure we all do, I add daily reams of online material to my ‘favourites’. I do my best to keep it orderly and categorised, and recently I noticed that Nike almost deserved a sub-category of their own, their flair for design and advertising creativity seems to consistently be pushing boundaries that no one else at all is considering, let alone other sporting brands.

This turned up a few weeks ago (April 1st to be exact) and was Nike’s spoof video for April Fool’s Day. The concept is great, and the execution even better. Yes it helps to have a team of international superstars at your disposal, but they’ve earned that.  I even love the “grunt removal system”!

Most recently I came across this. Very different, but the final product is what we’ve come to expect, polished, fantastic, and even makes you smile a little bit. The rather unique style comes from Sticky Monster Lab, who Nike collaborated with for this.

This recent effort with Wieden+Kennedy to promote Nike Free Run is also a touch of musical genius.

Even their installs look great, this is merely a typical store,

but pixaramic installs like this really turn heads. The Wilson Brothers manually positioned 6,000 acrylic pixel cubes, each with a different coloured face in red, green, yellow, blue, black and white.

To finish, a look at what Nike are offering in the very near future. Due to be first aired during the Champions League Final later this week, this is a sneak preview at their ad for the World Cup showing how a footballer’s successful world can come crumbling down with just one move.

For a bit of nostalgia who remembers Nike’s previous World Cup ads from 1998 and 2002.  Brilliant.  They continue to produce amazing works, and I for one am looking forward to them all.

Geek Catalogue

After realising that my favourites folder was bursting at the seams and brimming with wonderful images I come across but never seem to use, or do anything with, I began to think how could I better catalgoue them?

The (Inspirational) Geek Catalogue of course!

Having seen such folk as Fullbeard do it with “Fullbeard Likes“, I’ve taken the plunge and started a new spin-off blog of inspirational and creative images, a more effective method of keeping track of the things I find.  A visual list rather than keeping them tucked away under a favourites menu and forgetting about them.  Generally it’s things that don’t tend to warrant a full post on my main blog here, but deserve more than a quick ‘of the moment’ mention on Twitter before they are then lost forever.  My own personal version of Ffffound if you will.  Enjoy.

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