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Jony And Marc’s (RED) Auction

If you had to pick two designers that represent and influence modern day design then Jony Ive and Marc Newson would be right up there.

Ive, who is largely responsible for such products as the iPod, the iPhone, and the MacBook Air, is almost at the other end of the design spectrum when it comes to Newson’s work.  Away from the minimalistic cool of Apple, Marc has designed a wide range of colourful and futuristic products, spanning the likes of the Ford 021C Concept Car (sadly never put into production), the Atmos 566 Clock, curvaceous furniture and aeroplane interiors.

Ford O21C

However, what links the two of them is a fundamentally similar philosophy of design.  Bordering on obsessive, each of them looks much further than the surface of a product and into the materials, the physical process, and the craft involved.  It is this drive and passion that prompted mutual friend Bono to involve them in an auction to benefit Product (RED), the charitable brand that raises awareness and funds to help eliminate HIV/AIDS in Africa.

Ive and Newson have selected more than 40 objects (also designing and making 2 of them) for the auction.  It’s taken over 18months to curate the collection as neither of them is keen to compromise on any aspect of their work, and the pieces designed and selected for the (Red) auction have been chosen as a representation of products that also demonstrate this.

It’s like finishing the back of a drawer. Nobody’s going to see it, but you do it anyway. Products are a form of communication—they demonstrate your value system, what you care about.
Jony Ive

All the items can be seen on the Sotheby’s site, and whilst there are some truly exquisite pieces (Stormtrooper helmet or solid rose gold Apple earbuds, anyone?) there are definitely a few real stand out items for me.

“Valentine” Typewriter (Ettore Sottsass)

Valentine Typewriter

Vintage Hi-Fi System (Dieter Rams)

Dieter Rams2

Dieter Rams1

Parlor Grand Model A Piano (Steinway & Sons)

Steinway Piano

Atmos 561 by Marc Newson Clock (Jaeger-LeCoultre)

Atmos Clock

The (RED) Desk (Jony Ive and Marc Newson)

Ive and Newson Desk

Digital Rangefinder Camera (Leica)

One of the most intriguing items is the one of a kind special edition Leica Digital Rangefinder.  Designed specifically for the auction as a unique, one-off item.  It took 55 engineers 2,149 hours to make, with the process including 947 prototype parts and 561 models before the design was completed.  Then there was the mere 50 hours it took an engineer just to assemble the product!

It is this process ofunwavering attention to detail that epitomises Ive and Newson.  To be perfectly frank I’d expect nothing less from the two of them.

RED Leica

Although Sotheby’s estimate it to have an upper limit of $750,000, Ive believes the Leica alone could fetch $6million, representing a bold new era in which design is as valued and as highly regarded as art has been for hundreds of years.

I found it a very odd and unusual thing to put this amount of love and energy into one thing, where you are only going to make one, but isn’t it beautiful?
Jony Ive

Paul Goldberger at Vanity Fair managed to bag an illusive interview with them both and it is well worth a read.

The auction kicks off at Sotheby’s New York on November 23 and it will be very interesting to see how people value these carefully curated and designed wares.


Food Type

Typography can be a wonderful thing when executed properly.  I’m not talking about changing the font in your word processed document, but more along the lines of creating something with emotion and depth beyond the visual.  All conveyed with type.

It is exactly this creative passion and keen eye for detail that caught my attention of Marmalade Bleue, aka Danielle Evans.  In particular, her Food Type which unites “aesthetics and foodstuffs”.  What’s not to love about that!

Here are some of my favourites from the tasty collection.

French Press (Starbucks Komodo Blend)



Peppery (Curry Powder)




Type is Sweet (Brown Sugar)


For more great images visit and follow @foodtypography on Twitter.

Design In A Nutshell 6/6

Today I bring you the final episode of the Design In A Nutshell mini series.

The past six weeks have flown by and I hope you’ve managed to learn something from these short animations, or take some inspiration from them into your work.  I know that I have on both of those counts.

To complete the series we have Design In A Nutshell – Postmodernism.

A ride of styles, cultures, and whimsical collage

I hope that you enjoyed the complete mini-series, and if you want to recap on any of the episodes they can all be viewed here.

Design In A Nutshell 5/6

So to the penultimate episode of the Design In A Nutshell mini series.

This week we take a trip across the pond to discover Design In A Nutshell – American Industrial Design.

Style became equally as important as function

The series concludes next week with a look at Postmodernism.

Design In A Nutshell 4/6

It’s been a hectic week at work so I’ve not had a chance to write any worthwhile content since last Friday.

The plus side?  We roll straight into part 4 of the latest featured mini series. This week we have Design In A Nutshell – Modernism.

The single most influential movement of the 21st Century

Next week sees us skip across the pond for an instalment on American Industrial Design.

Design In A Nutshell 3/6

Another week is over and, as promised, the Design In A Nutshell mini-series continues.  This week Design In A Nutshell – Bauhaus.

How Bauhaus is your house?

Next week comes part 4 on Modernism.

Design In A Nutshell 2/6

As promised, following on from last week’s mini series opener of the Open University‘s short animations on Design In A Nutshell, I now bring you part 2.

Revealing that there is so much more to arts and crafts than all the mess of glitter and glue at primary school, I give you Design In A Nutshell – Arts and Crafts.

We do not reject the machine, we welcome it

Part 3 on Bauhaus follows next week.

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