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AxiDraw V3

AxiDraw V3: I want one.

I’m not quite sure what I’d use it for, but I want one.  Even just to watch it create seamlessly shaded letters and shapes over and over again would be incredibly satisfying.

It’s probably getting a bit late to add to my Christmas list, but here’s to perhaps treating myself in the new year…

Full product details of the pen plotter (or “drawing machine”) and its capability on Evil Mad Scientist, and be sure to check out their other Art Robots here.


Spirograph Drawing Machine

Hands up who remembers Spirograph?  I know I do.  Many afternoons lost to the art of creating endless swirling patterns, often trying the to replicate the perfect scenes on lid of the box but rarely coming close.  2011 heralds an era where bigger is being shown as better, and when you see Eske Rex’s Drawing Machine it is difficult to disagree.

A kind of Spirograph on steroids if you will, with an ethereal beauty which is oddly soothing as the marker’s raw sound scrapes across the paper.

A limitless opportunity to create infinite patterns, overlaying different colours across a range of sizes.  What I find so attractive about this work is the natural beauty of it, as far as I can tell it is something that a human cannot freely create.  The bare and unfinished machinery working the pen to create sweeping curves and colourful geometry.

Eske’s “Drawing no 1”

If you liked the Drawing Machine then take a look at some more of Eske Rex’s work, particularly Grinder.

Drawing Machine

To follow on from my previous post, here’s another on a similarly colourful theme. I give you Joseph Griffiths’ Drawing Machine.

It’s simple, no nonsense name coupled with the Wallace-and-Gromit-esque styling and assembly is exactly what the concept is about.  Deliberately not over engineered, and being still a little rough around the edges, plays right into the method and final execution of the art.

You really don’t need too many words to convey the simplistic beauty of this product, if any at all, so I’ll just leave it there and let you imagine the artistic mischief you could get up to on those plain white walls in your hallway, whilst casually toning your calf muscles.

Art as you exercise has started a whole host of ideas streaming in my head, just imagine a whole peloton of these lined up in front of freshly white-washed walls and armed with Sharpies and Pantone markers.  Amazing.


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