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Happy Birthday Inspirational Geek!

Happy birthday Inspirational Geek – 5 years old today!

I’m not really sure where to begin with this, the time has gone so quickly and is quite a milestone of achievement when I look back.

vintage 5 year old

This blog started way back in 2009 as a way to formalise some of my online bookmarks that I wanted to share with people and would otherwise have got saved in a folder and quickly forgotten about.  Scroll forward through the years and it’s become so much more than that.  Yes I still share the inspirational and creative things I find, but I also squeeze in the odd product review, work projects, personal musings, and more.

This blog started out as something, broadly speaking, for me.  But in short it has become something for other people too.  I still write for me as often as I can, time permitting, but it is now something that other people (you!) actually read as well.

The number of subscribers and readers still amazes me, so a huge thank you to everyone that has ever read any of my posts, commented, subscribed, shared links, opinions, and even submitted content for me to write about.

My very first post was about a giant robot, so naturally I’m going to celebrate with these robot cupcakes.

robot cupcakes

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Here’s to another five years!


Happy Birthday Inspirational Geek!

Happy birthday Inspirational Geek – 4 years old today!

Every year I’ve said this, but where have the past 12 months gone?  It seems only last week I was writing this for Inspirational Geek’s third birthday.

cakeI can’t take credit for the cake, it is all the work of my sister!

This past year has seen lots of amazing content featured on here, too much to really narrow down in fact, so why not take a chance and (re)read a random post from the archives via this random link.
(it should open in a new tab so you can click as many times as you like for a different random post each time!)


Thanks, WordPress!

Once again I want to say a huge thanks to all the readers and subscribers to this blog.  Anyone who has ever read, commented or submitted a post, as well as anyone who has inspired and supported the time I spend writing on here.

I plan to increase the features on here over the next 12months with a monthly newsletter and potentially designing some Inspirational Geek goodies and freebies for any fans out there.

That’s all the more reason to keep in touch.  You can subscribe (top right hand side of the page there) to get new posts delivered straight to your inbox, follow Inspirational Geek (and myself) on Twitter here and here, and of course you can like the Facebook page here.

Here’s to the year ahead and reaching another milestone, cheers!

Happy Birthday Inspirational Geek!

Happy birthday Inspirational Geek, 3 years old today!

Another year has absolutely flown by.  A fantastic and enjoyable year, and all down to you guys – the readers, subscribers, contributors, and more!  A huge thank you to anyone and everyone who has supported and promoted Inspirational Geek, inspiring many more ideas, posts and projects along the way.

The past 12months has brought us a mini series,  a new photography project, Olympics creativity, childhood heroes, another mini seriesinterviews, a new clothing brand, evermore creative April Fools’, and one of my personal favourites the Guardian’s open journalism advert to name but just a few.

What were your favourite posts of the past 12months?

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Here’s to another great year ahead!

Happy Birthday Inspirational Geek!

Phew, another 12months have flown past.  Inspirational Geek is two years old today!

The past year has included some real highlights, including two features on the WordPress homepage as Freshly Pressed (once back in March for this, and once just last week for this).   Other favourites include some ground breaking projection mapping, some fantastic and award winning product design, and naturally some travel to Europe (and slightly further afield!).

I just want to say a huge thanks to all the readers, subscribers, comment-ers, and anyone who has inspired and supported the content on here.  Here’s to another busy year!

Happy Birthday Super Mario

On this very day 25 years ago a small italian plumber was released into the world and, despite a distinct lack of any actual plumbing or other handy work, has become the most successful and iconic computer game character of all time.  Yes he appeared in 1981 alongside Donkey Kong, and again as Super Mario in 1983 (produced by Favicom), but he really came to life on 13 September 1985 when Nintendo launched Super Mario Bros.

Now I could easily waffle on about Mario but Kotaku really hit the nail on the head with this one:

“It seems almost pointless marking the occasion with a round-up, or a few paragraphs outlining his importance to video games – and video gamers – because it’s Mario. He isn’t important to video games. He is video games”

So, let’s raise a glass and toast to another enjoyable and successful 25 years.  Happy birthday, Mario.

And to celebrate, enjoy this brilliantly reminiscent video of Mario through the years.

I guess that also makes it Luigi’s birthday, so let’s raise a slightly greener glass and celebrate him too (although there are no good videos featuring him).

Happy Birthday Inspirational Geek!

Happy birthday Inspirational Geek, 1 year old today!

Huge thanks to everyone who has supported this past year by reading, recommending, subscribing and even contributing to this blog.

Inspirational Geek has come a long way since that first post 12 months ago.  From the likes of Eurocucina in Milan, to award winning product design, fantastic graphics and even some especially geeky moments.  It’s even offered a platform for me to guest write articles for a couple of other sites too, Designers Couch and more recently The Floating Frog, which has been fantastic experience.

Who knows where it will be in another 12months, I may even be partying with llamas.

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