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D&AD Annual 2011

Yesterday saw the launch of the 49th D&AD Annual and, in keeping with current issues, it’s more sustainable than ever.

The Annual is a collection of the year’s most creative and award-winning work, and the focus with this particular edition is a definitive case study in sustainable and mass publication.

Taschen are masters of publishing within the creative industry, and when combined with the D&AD President Sanky, Nat Hunter, and design icon Harry Pearce, the final result still looks remarkably inspiring.

Vying away from an obvious “sustainable” choice of the Annual being purely digital, Pearce was adamant that the Annual should be a physical book by simply stating “Books, we need them”.  How do you argue against that?

The final carbon footprint is an impressive 82% less than last year’s annual, the design really questioned every step and production stage possible towards environmentally conscientious paperwork.  Though flipping that fact around, it does make you wonder just 12months ago could more have been done?  82% is a huge amount!

So, just how did they achieve the whopping figure of 82%?

For starters the paper is 100% recycled, to ISO 14,001 standard, fully compostable, and the stock is much lighter shaving almost 1Kg off last year’s weight.  Producing the stock in Austria was also helpful – 70% of their power comes from hydro electric.  Beyond the physical paper, a vegetable based printing ink was used before being bound inside a recycled and laminated board.

The result is something classically packaged with a modern twist.

Excellent attention to detail as always, with thumb-sized cut-outs identifying the sections.

A solid and clean layout remains despite the downsizing since previous years, keeping the focus on one core ideal – the work is the hero of the book.

More images over on the Pentagram site here.

And of course, buy your copy of the Annual here.


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