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If you aren’t familiar with Instagram this post might not make a whole of sense (also, where have you been?).  But if you are aware of the filter-applying, image-tweaking, photo-sharing site then this will probably seem all too recognisable.

I use Instagram and I think it is great.  Some of my photos are better than others, some are drunkenly blurry, and some are woefully cliché.  But so what, that’s part of why I use Instagram.

I generally try and steer clear of littering my comments with (often inaccurate) hashtags and gorging them with (somewhat unnecessary) emojis, but every now and then some do sneak in.  And I unashamedly love it.

Recently  I discovered Satiregram and it’s hilarious.  It represents everything good, bad, and in between about Instagram in a witty and satirical account without really posting a photo of, well, anything bar a hand written post-it note.

Instagram10 Instagram4

Instagram1 Instagram2

With wonderful simplicity it covers the full spectrum of users.  From those who take beautiful photos, to those who take photos to share with friends, through to those who document every outfit, meal, and action in their life with the sole aim of gaining likes.

Instagram8 Instagram3

The epitome of a typical Instagram user 

Instagram5 Instagram6

Instagram7 Instagram9

Admittedly I’m guilty of quite of few of these myself, but that’s part of the relatable charm this account has!

Follow Satiregram here and if that isn’t enough you can follow them on Twitter with their equally amusing account @SoPretentious.


Serpentine Pavilion Intervention

Anyone that follows me on Instagram would have noticed a few weeks ago I went and visited the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park, and the Pavilion outside.

I thought it looked pretty spectacular and intriguing on a glorious summer day, but viewing it like this at night would have been something really cool!

For a one off event United Visual Artists used a dramatic light show to bring “the cloud-like structure to life with an electrical storm“.

Serpentine 1

Serpentine 2

The intent was to make the architecture seemingly “breathe” as if alive, evoking the idea of a living structure.

Serpentine 3

This year’s Gallery Pavilion was designed by award-winning Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto and will remain until 20 October.  If you get a chance it’s well worth a visit.

Van Gogh Tilt Shift

There are some fantastic examples of tilt shift photography all over the internet, making everyday scenes from the world look like tiny replica models or toy sets.  It is a fairly simple technique, though hard to judge and execute perfectly even using Photoshop (you can even achieve similar effects with built in focus sliders that Instagram has within the app itself).

The idea is to tweak an image’s colour and depth of focus (see tutorial here for more of an explanation) to achieve the desired effect.  When the same technique was applied to works of art, that’s paintings and not photographs, it really caught my eye.

van gogh tilt shift1
The tilt shift technique has been applied to some classic works of art by Vincent van Gogh, transforming even the most recognisable of his masterpieces into something new.  By adjusting the focus of the painting (presumably much to the annoyance of van Gogh!) it draws out key features and brings to life aspects of the image you may not have noticed before.

van gogh tilt shift2
van gogh tilt shift3

van gogh tilt shift4
Some elements that were deliberately painted as background features by van Gogh are now brought out so that we see them as the main feature.

van gogh tilt shift5

van gogh tilt shift8

van gogh tilt shift7

van gogh tilt shift6

Wonderful stuff.

These are just some of my favourites from the set that has been manipulated, but there is a whole tilt shift collection to see over on Art Cyclopedia.

Cake Ramp

It’s Friday so here’s something fun.  Cake ramp.

cake ramp
Enjoy your weekend!

Via Brock Davis on Instagram.

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