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This is an awesome project and makes me slightly envious of the fact I never really got into any of the Lego Mindstorms components or sets.

Jason Allemann, the “J” in JK Brickworks, has created Bricasso.  An entirely Lego construction that uses a Mindstorms Ev3 Color Sensor to scan a pre-pixelated image and then prints, or rather builds, a mosaic out of 1×1 Lego plates.

The plate feeder can hold up to 450 pieces in nine different colours so Bricasso could produce some rather elaborate and detailed works.

Watching it in action I’m sure you’ll agree it is one cool piece of kit!

Since the colour sensor is not that precise, the tiles along the bottom edge act as a colour legend for the device telling it which bin to get coloured tiles from.  This avoids off-colour matching (like red being mistaken for burgundy or pink) and allows for colour swapping should you wish to change a colour in the image (and don’t want to create a whole new image).

I love the hinge joint that that rolls off the pieces after they have been laid down (using an authentic Lego rubber band to rock back into alignment) and the simplicity of using a gravity fed system to load the plates.  I wonder how many iterations that took to achieve flawlessly?

For more information on the build process and how the components work see the JK Brickworks site here.  It is definitely worth a watch to see the design process he went through.  Jason is even hinting at developing this further into the realm of 3D Lego printing, yes please!

Big thanks to Ally for sending this my way.


Lego Printer

This almost needs no words as it’s flippin’ brilliant.  In fact I’ve already said too much, just watch.

Now, if only this was a kit you could buy…

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