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Matchbox Cars 1965

Regular readers will know that I love a behind-the-scenes look at manufacturing processes, whether that’s Apple or a pair of scissors.  But it’s even more true when it comes to a product that I’ve owned many of during my childhood.

I’m also willing to bet that most people (certainly in the UK at least) have owned, played with, or collected many a Matchbox car over the years (they now look like this by the way).

My Dad was an avid collector with hundreds, if not thousands, of models so Matchbox is a very familiar brand that fills me with nostalgia even today, so this insight into their design process and production line is fascinating.

No 3D renders or CAD, just drawing boards and handmade wooden prototypes as part of the design process and production line to show how they were manufactured in mid-60s Hackney, London.

Many thanks to British Pathé for posting this online.


How Pencils Are Made

I use one almost everyday without fail.  Whether it’s a quick sketch, or something in more detail, there’s always a pencil of some description to hand.  Even as I look around me know, I have two pencils (amongst a range of other writing and sketching utensils) within arm’s reach.  Yet I’ve never really given too much thought as to how these little necessities are made.

This video offers us a glimpse inside the Staedtler factory, and an insight into the remarkable detail that goes into all the steps involved in manufacturing a single pencil.

From the elastic glue that cushions the lead inside the pencil to help prevent it breaking, to the crucial “lead sandwich”, and of course the final sharpening drum that completes the process and turns them into the final product we all recognise and use.  Enjoy.

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