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The Chemical Brothers – Velodrome

With the spectacular closing ceremony behind us we’re now in that awkward post-Olympic, pre-Paralympic, sport-less void.  In an attempt to fill the inevitable lull of the past weeks’ worth of near-constant streaming and watching of sport I came across CG Studio Crystal‘s animation of The Chemical Brothers‘ official Olympic anthem, Velodrome.

The flurry of colour and neon streaks are a fantastic compliment for the electronic song, and the Tron-inspired graphics are perfectly in tune with the events that took place on the track.

The stunning velodrome, by Hopkins Architects, is definitely my favourite of the Olympic venues.

Don’t get me wrong, the Olympic Stadium and the Aquatics Centre are both stunning, but as a keen cyclist myself there is a reasonable amount of bias behind my opinion!



With London 2012 only round the corner it’s a wonder I’m yet to really feature anything Olympic-related.  Anyway, it’s about time I did, so here we go.

It’s not directly about London 2012 per se, but it is an exceptionally powerful video from the Canadian Paralymics Committee simply titled Unstoppable.

Really incredible stuff, and stunning motivation for anyone who views.  Watch the making of here.

Via Nic on Twitter.

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