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NYC By Bike

As cycling becomes ever popular and embraces new styles and trends something that many cyclists are doing is using is using helmet-mounted cameras to record footage of their time in the saddle.  Whether that’s on the road to highlight good or bad behaviour from motorists (and fellow cyclists!) or simply showing off tricks and stunts off-road.

Either way what you get is the view from on top of their helmet.

In a unique twist in capturing images whilst riding your bike, sports photographer Tom Olesnevich caught my attention with a very particular viewpoint.  Yes they are shot from a bike still, but the slightly unusual angle from which they are taken is essentially the bike‘s point of view.

The project is rather aptly named NYC By Bike.




All the images were taken on a Nikon D40 and bravely mounted to the bicycle with a GorillaPod.  An infra-red remote triggers the capture.





The complete set of images from the project is on his site here.


Flickr 366 – November

The penultimate month in my Flickr 366 project and I’m still going strong.  Yes I’m a couple of days late posting here due to a hectic weekend, but nonetheless another 30 photos added to the project, and as ever a selection of my favourites below.

2012-11-0303-11-2012 Rather good fireworks obscured by the smoke from Surrey’s largest bonfire!

2012-11-0505-11-2012 Fatburger Dubai

2012-11-0909-11-2012 Duck breast and pork loin

2012-11-1717-11-2012 Autumn perspective

2012-11-2424-11-2012 Lights are on at London Bridge

2012-11-2525-11-2012 Thanksgiving desserts

2012-11-3030-11-2012 Autumn and winter

The complete project to date continues here.

Flickr 366 – September

The weather has most definitely turned to Autumn, and so here are a few favourites from my Flickr 366 for the month of September.

02-09-2012 Paralympics GB in the Velodrome

07-09-2012 Friday afternoon lunch in the sun

09-09-2012 Olympic Rings at the top of Box Hill

15-09-2012 Weekend brunch

21-09-2012 100% Design

27-09-2012 Rhubarb and ginger with lemon biscuit crumble 

29-09-2012 …and Rhubarb marmalade with the leftovers

The full set of the project so far can be viewed here.

Flickr 366 – August

Moving swiftly towards what feels like the end of summer, here are a few select favourites from my Flickr 366 project in August.

04-08-2012 Wembley Stadium for Olympic football quarter final Mexico vs Senegal

10-08-2012 View from apartment in Mawgan Porth, Cornwall

17-08-2012 Friday afternoon BBQ at work

18-08-2012 Hampton Court Palace

25-08-2012 St. Paul’s Cathedral

29-08-2012 Full moon

The full project continues here.

Flickr 366 – July

Despite the, ahem, thoroughly British Summer weather of late my Flickr 366 project must go on.  As has become tradition, here are a handful of my daily photo favourites from the past month.

05/07/2012 The Shard inauguration before the crown lighting was switched on

09/07/2012 Olympic 50p

11/07/2012 Hailstorm – a lovely summer afternoon

13/07/2012 Beautiful wedding marquee set up for friend’s wedding

18/07/2012 Philips OLED Lumiblade sample

21/07/2012 How to get around the strict Olympic branding issues

22/07/2012 Grass

29/07/2012 Lizzie Armitstead in the break away group of the womens’ cycling

The full Flickr 366 set continues here.

Pointillist Power

Simply stunning “pin art”  installations from still life photographer Philip Karlberg.

Using the oversimplified pointillist technique Philip has worked some real visual genius to achieve some incredibly recognisable characters in his work.

Around 1200 coloured pegs and some very strategic lighting has given the rather impressive results.

If you didn’t get them all, they were (from the top) Karl Lagerfeld, Jackie O, Lady Gaga, Johnny Depp, John Belushi, Steve McQueen.

Check out Philip’s other work here.

Flickr 366 – June

Slightly late with the latest updates for my Flickr 366 project this month, moving house and lack of internet at the new place have impeded me somewhat.  Anyway, better late than never so here go – some favourites from June.

03-06-2012 Regent Street preparing for Diamond Jubilee celebrations

07-06-2012 Quintessentially British – Union Jack in the rain

09-06-2012 Paul Smith Lomo with fisheye lens

14-06-2012 Sunrise outside Space at Playa d’en Bossa, Ibiza

17-06-2012 View down onto Bora Bora beach, Ibiza

23-06-2012 Incredible rainbow cake my little sister made

30-06-2012 It’s faint I know, but there is a double rainbow there

The full Flickr 366 set to date continues here.

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