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Grand Designs Live

At the weekend I joined the lovely people from 1000Heads and Miele, as well as The Style PA and Lipgloss86 to attend Grand Designs Live, a fantastic showcase of design and inspiration for the home, which combines “cutting-edge design products, interactivity and an eco-friendly message”.  Although sadly we didn’t get to meet Kevin McCloud.

The Miele stand was once again showing off their new range of kitchen products.  Steam ovens, coffee machines and induction hobs that look great and have the industry renowned function to accompany.  It’s also credit to Miele that some of the smaller brand stands were even using Miele ovens and fridges to surround their own products, they are the industry level of association and image other people want.

Over to the Miele Live Kitchen and a demonstration of the steam ovens.  The intuitive interface on them offers a wealth of product knowledge and options on cooking your food, kind of like your own mini digital chef.

We then managed to  bag ourselves seats for the live demonstration with Nancy Lam.  Nancy was hilarious, a real crowd pleaser and all round source of culinary entertainment showing off Miele’s induction hob and submerged wok set.  It was easy to understanding why she drew the demo stand’s biggest crowd of the day.

Photo courtesy of the Forever Better team.

A seminar was also given by Andreas Enslin, Global Head of Design at Miele, on “Living and Architecture in 2020”.  The talk focussed around pressures we will face over the next 10 years, how these will impact our lives, and how new innovative products will fall in line with this, particularly in the kitchen.  Smart, communicating products, and an unsurprising shift to an emphasis on solar and renewable energy resources will turn our homes into self sufficient energy producers rather than consumers.  A clever sounding app with ‘Miele Mobile’ is due to be launched in the UK later this year as a potential first step towards this idea.

Other highlights of the exhibiton included a first look (for me anyway) at Dyson’s ‘bladeless’ Air Multiplier fan, another stunning example of Dyson’s function led product design, Philips’ OLED lighting applications, LG’s OLED TV screen, reflex glass, and a teasing glance at EcoBuilds which, if their spiel is anything to go by, are the energy efficient wonders that we’ll all be living in when we are forced to turn renewable energy resources for self-sufficient home living.

Philips also gave us a glimpse into the product concepts and technology that we will all be living with over the next 10years in their “House of the Future“. What was really impressive about this was that most, if not all, of the technology displayed already exists at the moment. Philips just offered it in a manner of futuristic products we can all relate to in our homes, making things easier, smarter, and better for us.

Your kitchen in the future will include a range of smart products, from ovens that retain ‘chef memory’ remembering how you like your food cooked and that are self repairing should any parts break down, to induction hobs that generate the heat within the pan rather than on the hob itself.  These have obvious safety bonuses, whilst also offering a 40% reduction in power consumption.

Moving into the living room we got to see new 21:9 ratio television, identical to the setup you get in your local cinema, and organic LEDs everywhere.  Capable of 16million colours, scheme setting and brightness sensitive to the swipe of a hand, you will have more options and more control over what your house will look like.

Most impressive in this ‘house’ was WiPower.  A live working demonstration (albeit currently on a small scale) of wireless power supplies.  Utilising the principles of induction, power can be sent wirelessly to electronic devices such as mobiles, laptops, mp3 players and cameras by placing them on or near a WiPower pad offering huge potential and flexibility in the future.  Philips envision this will be house-wide within 10years. Imagine being able to vacuum your entire house without the need to plug in your vacuum, or mow your lawn (front and back) without without extension cables running back indoors. Or even just walking through your front door and the mobile phone in your pocket will begin charging.  It will be possible.

The bathroom of the future even offered a smart self-cleaning toilet, with hygienic sensor-based automatic lid opening, closing and flushing, although the toilet seat massage function may be a step too far!

More photos from the exhibition, as usual, on my Flickr.


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