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Classic Toys Stamp Series

The latest stamp collection from Royal Mail has been released and it commemorates 10 classic British toys from the last 100 years as designed by creative agency Interabang.

I have very little to add to what Design Week have already published on these, other than wow – aren’t these just a stunning collection of stamps!

Each stamp is beautifully laid out, evoking pure nostalgia and childhood memories capturing what these toys were all about.

Each of the toys was sourced in the original packaging from the likes of eBay (and private collectors) and formed a prime source of inspiration for each stamp.

A mix of apt photography with period style graphics and text makes them an absolute joy to look at.

“The stamp design is about the toy, but capturing the essence of the world of the toy as well.”

Interabang director Adam Giles

If you have to push me for a favourite I’d have to say Spirograph, though both Meccano and the Stickle Bricks aren’t very far behind.

Fantastic job, Interabang!

The Classic Toys stamp sets are available from Royal Mail and in Post Offices, with the presentation pack top of my list!


80s Toys

Having recently turned another year older, I’d taken to reminiscing about my childhood when this charming stop-motion homage to toys from that very era (1980s since you asked) was sent my way.

They’ve pretty much been spot on with every single toy I had too (no doubt similar to many of you).  From Transformers and toys cars, to planes, tanks and helicopters, there’s even a brief acknowledgement of floppy discs, and cartridge game consoles, then finishing in a flurry of Playmobil, Stickle bricks, marbles, and of course (the ultimate toy) Lego.

The bold, primary colours, those hard plastics.  Great memories squashed together in a great stop motion.

Via the ever inspiring Curiosity Counts.

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